And so it begins…

Many forces have driven me towards starting this blog.  As a rule, I’m a fairly quiet and self-conscious person.  I had my dalliance with Live Journal years ago when it first began, but in the end, we agreed to see other people. After that, my feelings towards blogs and blogging in general were somewhat less than flattering.

But, more and more recently, I’ve watched them used by friends as something more than a method of self-indulgent ego stroking.  I’ve pursued the blogs of various writers and agents and publishers, finding them entertaining and enlightening.  And so, I have decided I would begin my own.

This will be a place where I will speak of my trials and tribulations as a writer, with the various highs and lows (many… many lows) that it entails.

I hope this will prove interesting to those who stop here, and perhaps enlightening should I learn or discover anything useful along the way.  I also intend to publish bits and pieces of my writing, to discuss the kinds of things that I’m writing about, the world(s) and characters I create.

What do I have in the works?  Well, I’m half-way through writing my second novel in what I hope will become an Urban Fantasy series.  I’ll be talking a lot about that in the up and coming days.  I also recently began a short story set in a traditional High Fantasy world I created back when I was still in high school.  It’s been an interesting divergence from the Urban Fantasy series into subject matter with which I am both more and less comfortable.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy your visit.


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