That other project…

There is another project I am working on, besides my novel and short story.  It’s one that began, oh, a year ago or so, when I got a wild hair to do some freelance writing for a company I liked.  After a few months of intense effort, I churned out exactly what they’d asked for.

It just wasn’t what they wanted.

The project was cancelled.  The rejection sent me into a tail spin, as you might imagine.  My faith and interest in this company and it’s products hit rock bottom.  Worse, I felt betrayed by the editor who’d been telling me all along that what I was doing was great.

I expressed this in as polite as possible a way to the company and I was surprised at the results.  They appreciated the level of work they’d seen from me and were looking for ways to salvage some of what I’d written in another project.  So, after some assurances, I started again.  I wrote another proposal and then waited for the high up guy who killed my last book to get back to me.  When he said ‘ok’, I was elated, but cautious.  I mean, at this point, I was a whipped dog.  Whipped dogs don’t come back easily.

So I began again, but I was determined this time to not let it get the better of me.  I’ve done a lot of work on it, but the work drags.  I have no deadline, and I have several reviewers which give me great feedback (more on that later), but I am reticent to turn in any more work.  What if I get the rug pulled out again?  Was I stupid for taking them up on it again?

And so it has dragged for months, something that I could have put to bed a long time ago.  Sadly, my interest in the company has waned to a degree that it’s hard to motivate myself to work on the project.  But on the other hand, its my best chance at seeing something published… so maybe I should pull my finger out?


2 thoughts on “That other project…

  1. Matthew Essary says:

    Rejection is a part of the writing process. If you don’t put forth the effort to try to get your work out there, it will most definitely never happen. Take the criticism and if you see it as valid try to learn from it, but never get discouraged. Getting published is practically just playing the odds. You submit to enough publishers, both big and small, one (or more) will eventually show an interest.

    Let me give you an example. I recently met a horror author through random circumstances. This guy has 6 published novels through a major publisher with two more to be released soon. You can walk into any book store and find his stuff. About 8 years ago, he was routinely rejected by major publishing houses because his work was too ‘bleak’. He gave up for 4 years. Eventually though. He picked it back up and showed real persistence and got published, with out compromising his style. He just kept trying and kept writing.

    He wasted a lot of time because he got discouraged and really regrets it now.

    The only way to get your work published is to keep trying to get it published until somebody says ‘yes” and most importantly you got to keep producing new finished work.

    Bad writing get published every day, it gets published because the author was persistent and never gave up on trying to get anyone to give them a break.

    Stay motivated. Write. Finish stuff. Even stuff you are enthusiastic about. It’s the only way to succeed.

  2. Aaron White says:

    I suspect that this is pretty common in freelance writing, particularly if it’s work-for-hire. I sure can’t tell you whether you should keep plugging at this, but it might be good practice for the slings and arrows of being a gigging writer in general.

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