Food, not words

Those of you on a diet, cast not your gaze upon this post, for it contains images too powerful to resist!

Besides writing, reading, photography and a plethora of other hobbies, one I rarely indulge in (but quite enjoy) is baking.  I like to bake bread, and make a mean foccacia bread if I do say so myself.  But, much to the detrement of my own diet, I most enjoy baking sweet things.  Brownies, cookies and, of course, cheese cake.

Years ago, against the ‘advice’ of friends who cautioned that it was ‘too hard’, I set upon the idea of making a cheese cake from scratch.  I’d never done it before, but facing  a particularly bleak New Years prospect (it was only a few months after ending a five-year relationship), I decided I was going to do something to make myself feel good and the idea simply popped into my head.

So, lacking any real idea of what I was doing, I set about following a recipe with some degree of gusto.  In the end, I created something that wowed friends and family alike.  And ever since then, I’ve continued to make cheese cakes, typically only for special occasions.  When last in the old country, I celebrated ‘Decadence Day’ with several friends (as well as a friend’s birthday).  So, I made several cheese cakes (a chocolate one, a peanut butter one, a white chocolate one).  Decadence Day Cheese Cake was a combination of all of the above in a single massive super cheese cake.  It did not survive the party long.

The following cake was inspired by the fact that a very close friend of mine is leaving the city on Saturday, moving down south to another country.  This has made us all very sad, though happy for his new job prospects.  He has often requested one of my cheese cakes in the several years I have known him, but he’s never been around the few times I made one.

So I made this for him, as a going away present:

Naked Cake, fresh from cooling...

Close up of Naked Cake

This was a three layer thing.  I baked a chocolate cookie for the base.

Then I made a chocolate layer with dark chocolate.

Finally, a white chocolate layer for the top.

But that didn’t seem enough, so….

The Chocolate Topping...

And what, you ask, does this have to do with writing?

Well, not much really.  It scratched my creative itch, temporarily at least.  In fact, I’ve been feeling very creative lately (I’ll talk more about that in another post).  I’m almost finished with my short story.  And I have a cake.

But I’m losing a friend, so I don’t think its a good trade.  Maybe this melancholy is fueling my creativity, or maybe I’m sublimating right now, I don’t know.  Either way, I’m going to ride this wave and get as much out of it as possible.

Good eating!


2 thoughts on “Food, not words

  1. Jack Lewis III says:

    That sounds scrumptious! Glad to hear you are still writing, you have always been a good story teller.

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