More Linking Fun, now with added Nostalgia

When I heard it was being remade, I scoffed at first.  How little originality does Hollywood have, that they must constantly remake rather than innovate?  Does my childhood need, constantly, to be punched in the gut?

But now I’ve seen them, the trailers, of which this is the newest and most awesome:

I have to say Oh… MY… GOD…!

Now, of course, Hollywood has beaten my childhood up repeatedly, so I’m trying not to get too excited.  But I have to say, I approve of the darker tone and message that this one apparently is taken.  Let’s face it, the Greek Gods were horrible beings, and I think the original movie conveniently forgot that in some places.

So, I wait with baited (though somewhat cautious) breath that this Fantasy Epic will be worth the price of admission.  I’m definitely going to see it, no matter what.

For those who never had the chance, here is the ‘majesty’ of the original (and I have to say, seeing the trailer with modern eyes makes me wonder how little it took to impress me as a child).


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