New Years… Meep!

Well, here it comes.

New Years.


Like Christmas, it is fraught with its own emotional rollercoaster.  There are the doubts, the introspective moments, the insecurity.  Did I do the best with my time?  Am I any closer to my goals?  Will next year be any better or simply the beginning of the inevitable decline?

Yeah, good times.

But, this year at least, I think I can face the New Year’s Demon with a smile on my lips.  Ok, so I didn’t finish my sequel like I had hoped (when I started writing it, I entertained the idea that I might be able to finish it by New Years).  However, I did write almost 60K words, the majority of that in three months, which is nothing to sneeze at.

I have finished a large short story (a narrative form I’ve never been particularly good at).

I got a permanent job (always a plus in this economy) that allows me time to write while still paying the bills.

I made some serious headway in the freelance project.

And I started this blog, which is something I’ve meant to do since I started writing the first novel.

I may not have been published (yet) but I’ve taken real steps towards that goal.

In light of my ultimate goals then, I think this has been a pretty good year.

Now, next year’s resolutions:

1) Finish the free-lance work.

2) Finish the sequel.

3) Start my new series.

4) Keep feeding the blog.

5) Seriously edit both first and second novels.

6) Look for an agent.

It seems quite daunting, putting it down like that.  But hey, I have 365 days, right?  What else am I going to do?


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