Narrative Consistency

There is something that really bothers me when I come across it in fiction.  It’s a little thing, but seems to crop up more and more, especially in longer series.  I’ll admit that the problem happens less in novels and more in movies or television series.  But when I see it, it just winds me up.

Narrative Inconsistency.  It bugs the heck out of me when the writers just forget what has come before.

I realize that in some series that the stories have gone so long (and there have been so many writers) there is no possible way for every detail to be remembered, but what about movies?  When there are only 3 or 4 earlier ‘episodes’ how hard it is to watch them and not screw things up?

Really hard, it appears.

To point out what I mean, I’m going to draw attention to the recent Terminator: Salvation movie.  I saw this while visiting the Old Country, and though it was all right (because I basically wanted to watch man vs machine sci-fi) there were some departures from the previous mythos that were both annoying and, even worse, unnecessary.

Spoilers below for those who care…

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Too long away

I visited the Old World over the holidays.  It is always nice to see my family and friends.  However, as is usually the case, I ended up doing no work on any of my projects.

That includes feeding my blog, other than that one time.

But that nonsense is over now!  I’m back on the ball and back in the game!

Sort of.

I have managed to write the first chapter of my ‘shiny idea’ that was distracting me so much.  It’s a sixteen page full on action sequence, with very little dialogue.  This is unusual for me, in most of my stories, even in a fight scene or something terrible scene, I’m still having characters talk to each other.

Consequently, I don’t know how I feel about what I’ve written.  Its outside my comfort zone, so while I think that is a good thing to try, I’m not sure how good the result is.

However, I’ve found a couple of possible writing tools/opportunities.  I don’t know that much about them yet, but once I know more, I will share what I’ve learned.

It’s good to be back.