Because Steampunk is Cool

I have recently found myself becoming more interested in Steampunk.  I’ve always found the (few) narratives I could find that dealt with Steampunk quite interesting, but the source material was few and far between.  Certainly, I never imagined the cosplay-esque attraction that Steampunk would eventually exert.

I found this through random internet wanderings.  I’m not familiar with the blog, but the pics of steampunk toys are mouth-watering.  Well, most of them anyway.  Makes me think about writing a steampunk story.

Makes me wish I had more Steampunk clothes and money to get my hands on some of this stuff…


2 thoughts on “Because Steampunk is Cool

  1. esmeviolet says:

    I am fascinated with Steampunk. So much that I play a character in the virtual world secondlife that lives and portrays a steampunk inspired lifestyle. In the virtual world I work for a leading game designer that features all things steampunk.

    check out my blog about them for steampunk designs

  2. Very cool indeed. I became interested in steampunk some two years ago, though the interest began as a purely literary one–I have, unfortunately, failed in my quest to find a steampunk novel I’ve actually liked (Though the short story “Ticker Hounds” was most excellent). My work-in-progress now falls into the genre, actually a series of short stories; my single complete short work of steampunk has yet to find a home, but I’ve been circulating it around the magazines for about a year now.

    Anyhow, I greatly enjoy _writing_ in this vein, and would heartily recommend it.

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