New Ideas

It’s funny how things work out.

The last couple of weeks at work have been quite stressful and draining.  I’ve been going to the gym more in order to try to keep stress levels at a bearable minimum.  And I was sick for a week.  So, the past fortnight has been pretty blergh all around.

However, as I wait for a friendly editor to get back to me with some edits on my manuscript, I was toying with the idea of posting some writing up on this blog.  Then, a couple of characters birthed themselves in my mind.  I’d already come up with a setting idea (though not for a story, for something else entirely) that they would fit in beautifully.

So now I have something to work with.  I’m going to shoot for three short stories based around these characters (no particular reason I picked three, other than it seems like an achievable goal) and will be posting what I write up here.  I’m quite excited about it; the stories will be in a new style for me.

Dark Steampunk, Victoriana, Fantasty mash-up, set in the bleak metropolis of Gloomhaven.

Vampires and Warlocks and Tea Time.

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