The Inconvenience of Life

Life is inconvenient.

There’s really no way around that.

If you read my earlier post, you saw that I had some big plans coming down the pike.  I was working hard and had reached 4000 words on the 5000 word goal for my short story.

Then, by chance, I found out about a publisher, Angry Robot, that was opening their doors to unsolicited manuscripts.  So, I quickly set aside my work on the short story to focus on the novel and cleaning it to make it more presentable.  I had another good friend with mad editing skills go over the first few chapters (this makes the second major edit I’ve had from excellent friends).

While I was focusing on the edits and the synopsis writing, I received word that my grandfather had had a major stroke.  His health has been deteriorating for the last five years and he has suffered numerous mini-strokes.  At first, we thought he’d recovered from the stroke, but then found out there were some significant complications and the prognosis was very bad.

Working on my book or short story was about the furthest things from my mind.  Living across the ocean, there was precious little I could do but wait.  I managed to muddle through and get the submission finished and turned in on the due date, making me one of 990 they’ve received.

We had some false hope, but then things went poorly again.  Four days after completing the submission, my grandfather passed away in his sleep.

Since then I’ve been over to the states and then back again.  It’s been a painful roller coaster of emotion that has been both better and worse than I feared.

When I’d started this blog I’d said I wasn’t going to write about things that were personal or unrelated to writing, so I guess I’m reversing that decision.  I don’t really feel bad about it.  Life has made finishing my story very difficult.

Both good and bad things happen at the most inconvenient times.

I loved my grandfather and I’ve always been proud of him for being a Veteran of World War Two.  I knew some of the stories about his time there, especially of the grievous injury he suffered during his time there.  His obituary had some details that I didn’t know, or at least put some specifics to things I had never asked.  Because I’m proud of him, I want to share that little detail of his life.

…serving in Europe with the 45th Infantry, (Thunderbird) Division. He was severely wounded in the Battle of the Bulge, Siegfried Line, March 13, 1945 and was awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Battle Star, Combat Infantryman Badge, American Theater Medal and Victory Medal.


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