So many Punks…

I’ve known of, and been a fan of, Cyberpunk for years.  In the last decade, I’ve learned about Steampunk and fallen a bit in love with the aesthetic and style of this genre.

What I didn’t know was that there so many other ‘punk genres, as subdivisions breed subdivisions I suppose.

Turns out I’m also a fan of Clockpunk and Atompunk, without even knowing it.


10 thoughts on “So many Punks…

  1. Aaron White says:

    They left out Mannerpunk.

  2. I’m unfamiliar with that one. But thanks to wiki, I’ve added a new Punk to the list! Thanks.

  3. Shelley says:

    I love the diaspora of the genre, though the continuation of the word ‘punk’ doesn’t sit quiet right to my ears and eyes. I mean, it made perfect sense back in the day when I was reading cyberpunk, but since then it’s seemed a little weird to me. I associate ‘punk’ with rebellion and anger and the genteel worlds of victoriana steampunk often seem at odds with the word.

    I can see it as a word that unifies and marks the connection between the various ‘punk’ genres, but really to me punks have mohawks and piercings, not delicious Victorian attire.

  4. Aaron White says:

    New Romantics had Victorian attire. Adam and the Ants, Spandau Ballet…

  5. Aesthetic aside, I do agree with Shelley.

    I find the genre’s name to also be somewhat weird. Most Steampunk I’ve encountered has little to do with the themes of alienation and marginalization that in part gave Cyber its Punk. There is often a wonder at the technology and, to a lesser degree perhaps, the society involved. In it, there is a hopefulness that is a far cry from the dystopian elements that characterize Cyberpunk. It gets even weirder the more subdivided the genre gets.

    While I suppose the ‘punk’ might come out of a denial of modern aesthetics and a yearning for the aesthetics of another time period, its really just a term that got stuck on as a tongue-in-cheek comment from K.W. Jeter.

    It does sound better than simply calling them ‘Steam’ stories though.

  6. Shelley says:

    Whilst punk had it’s roots in the New Romantics I really don’t see them as the same thing. Punk, for me at least, is really about the Sex Pistols and the like.

  7. Aaron White says:

    As I understand it the New Rom derived from Punk. Punk had its origins in fashion: Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren opened a clothing shop called SEX which was considered the nexus of punk fashion.

  8. Aaron White says:

    Although New Romanticism, like punk, had roots in Glam as well, as this demonstrates.

  9. Aaron White says:

    This clip from Jubilee suggests a bit of the overlap between Victoriana and Punk. The whole movie is an interesting punky-wunky fashion show.

    I once read an interview with Spain Rodrigues, an underground cartoonist, who talked about the difference between New York Hippies, who tended to be tougher, more working class sex-drugs-rockinroll types, and California Hippies who were more flower power kids. I suspect there was similar stratigraphy in Punk culture.

  10. Aaron White says:

    Then of course there’s Pervirella, which may not be according-to-Hoyle Punk but certainly blends steam-era fantasy tech with exuberant lo-fi punkishness.

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