Give me some of that Old Time Religion…

Yeah, so, the Rapture came today.

Oh…wait…it didn’t.

What a surprise.

The thing that amazes me, is how often people predict ‘the end of the world’.  I mean, it’s not always a religious apocalypse they are predicting of course.  That’s just the most common.

Apparently Family Radio missed the whole ‘thief in the night’ stanza…

Other times, its weird prophesies from cultures simultaneously so in tune with the future they can predict the end of the world, but yet they somehow failed to predict the destruction of their own culture or the dangers facing it.  Yes, Mayans, I’m looking at you!

I wonder why people focus so much on The End, and why so many who believes in a mythological End believes its ‘coming soon’?  I think, to a large degree, it’s a selfish belief.  If The End happens in their life time, proving their beliefs correct, it would somehow give their own lives greater meaning.  And they hold on to these beliefs while ignoring how often in (recent) past this has been predicted to no result.

Of course, part of it I guess is simply fear mongering… an attempt by some to enforce behavior on others through fear.  Not unlike a lot of politics and news outlets I suppose.

Fear and ignorance work.  Governments and religions know this and have gladly used it to control the masses.

I wish people would stop falling for the same old tricks.

I mean, we all know how its REALLY going to end…


4 thoughts on “Give me some of that Old Time Religion…

  1. Rara says:

    Well… seeing as it is a pretty regular occurance, geologically speaking every 60 million years or so, i guess these folk will get it right eventually. Then they can be enraptured for the rest of eternity. Imagine being out of your head forever……. Not that they were ever really in it.
    Fools…… The real and present danger of course is the Zombie Apocalypse.

    • Yeah, I guess they just need to keep guessing and eventually, they’ll ‘win’. But I imagine that, should we (the human race) still be around when that comes along, we’ll have plenty of warnings long before hand.

      Whether our Robot Overlords, or our zombified condition will permit us to do anything about it is another matter entirely! 😀

  2. Lee says:

    Wow, somehow I keep missing your posts! This whole apocalypse thing is very Christian – as for the Mayans, 2012 is simply the end of one long count calendar and the beginings of another. Their concept of time was a bit different than Western cultures. Not all religions are into the apocalypse thing. Ask the Wiccans, Baha’is and members of the First Nation’s traditional religions and we all giggle. Then we ask if we can have the ‘Raptured’ peoples bank acounts & sea side vacation houses.

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