Slipping Off the Mask

When I started this blog, I had a very clear idea of the persona I intended to portray.  It was a construct, a portion of myself, one designed to showcase only the specific elements I intended to share.  This is no different from what I imagine most bloggers do (and some could benefit from learning to do it more).

Since I wanted to be ‘taken seriously’ it meant cutting out aspects of my life that, while important to me, I did not want to express or admit to.  Like choosing to leave out day to day life drama (a decision I still stand by), this choice was made with good reasons.

But, in retrospect, I think it was the wrong one.

By deliberately stifling my own interests and self, I actually ended up strangling my creativity.  That was a mistake.  It is something I have, after much deliberation, decided to cease doing.

What this means, by and large, is that this blog is going to change its focus somewhat.  It will also, I hope, galvanize me to write more regularly.

When I was 17, I was forced to do something I really did not want to; I was forced to ran a game of 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.  From that evening, however, sprang the seed of a world that I have nurtured and grown ever since.  A multitude of friends have journeyed there, added to it, and helped me develop it in ways I would never have been able to do on my own.  I’m going to talk a lot about that world, the friends who helped me shape it, and the stories that have come out of it.

And roleplaying.  I’m going to talk a lot about roleplaying.

I will still be talking about writing.  My twin passions are writing and roleplaying, both aspects of my creative process.  They are so interrelated in my head that I doubt I could ever separate them fully.  My only paid publishing credit is currently with White Wolf, a roleplaying game company.  I’m still waiting to hear back about a game book from another company… though the length of time I’ve been waiting does lead me to believe that this project is dead.  Still, roleplaying is probably what kept my interest in writing over the years, so to attempt to divorce one from the other was a mistake on my part.

So, from now on, I’m going to just let my interests dictate what I write.  If this makes me seem ‘less serious’ somehow…well, fuck it.