Aye Write!

Friday I had the pleasure of going to a the Glasgow Book Festival, Aye Write!  It was a very enjoyable and informative day.

The festival is on from the 9th to the 17th of March, so locals who might be interested still have time to check it out.  It’s being held at the Mitchell Library, which I’ve never been too.  It was huge and confusing but also gorgeous.

Though there are lots of authors speaking there over the course of the festival, I was mostly interested in the classes that were being held on the first day.  I attended seminars on getting an agent, publicizing your work, and whether or not blogging is for you (answer: yes it is).  Turns out the speaker for the blogging seminar was someone I know from the Edinburgh City of Literature Salon Evening, Cat Dean.  I had no idea it was her when I signed up.  It was nice seeing a friendly face and made the class all the more enjoyable.

So, definitely glad I went.  Next year I might give myself a bit of a break in the middle of the day because I did feel a bit rushed thanks to only having half an hour in between my various seminars, but otherwise it was a great day.

And I was off from work, so that’s always a bonus!


2 thoughts on “Aye Write!

  1. Cat Dean says:

    Just stopped by to say hello & check out your blog & found this post – thanks for the mention! It was so good see you at Aye Write and very nice to have a friendly face in the audience too – esp one which laughed at the right places 🙂

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