[RPG Music] Fantasy Ambient

Thanks to The RPG Athenaeum for pointing me to Stuffed Crocodile’s excellent collection of RPG (and generally awesome) music.

I’ve long used music in games and totally agree that it should be used for establishing atmosphere and ambiance.  The problem, of course, is getting the right music for the right scene… and not being too fiddly with the CD player while trying to GM.  Years ago, I ran games with a mixed DVD of burned music, with general ‘exploration’, ‘combat’, ‘wonder’ and a few other vague emotional notes.  I’d just hop between folders depending on the scene we were playing.  It worked, but I never hit on the idea of using loops.

Anyway, there is some excellent music on this list and I’ll certainly be going through it at length!

[RPG Music] Fantasy Ambient.


2 thoughts on “[RPG Music] Fantasy Ambient

  1. Geoffrey says:

    the idea about using loops was actually quite logical in my opinion. Trying to switch between CDs in mid-battle or at least mid-Session proved too annoying in the long run.
    At the same time those CDs we used to work with worked for a while, but after listening to nothing but Manowar for multiple sessions of fantasy gaming kind of killed that for me in the end.
    On the other hand music is playijng in computer games, and it works there as well. One of the problems this list has is actually a rather stupd one: I stopped playing computer games about 8 years back, I just don’t know any new and fancy music for more modern games.

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