[House Rules-Classes]Dwarven Paladin

Dwarves in my campaign are very religious typically, and are almost universally Lawful (though there is, in the future, an entire clan that turns to Chaos, in the Sundered Empires era, few dwarves are neutral and even fewer are Chaotic.  Below describes a typical Dwarven paladin, serving Law.

Sorry that I had to make it two tables.  Couldn’t get the formatting to work otherwise.

Dwarven Paladin

Prime Requisite: Str and Wis

Requirements: Con 9

Hit Dice: 1d6

Dwarven Paladins are holy warriors tasked by the gods to fight in the name of the faith.  Serving the gods of Law, these chosen few lead the armies of the faithful against enemies both mundane and profane.  They are children of war and belief, clinging tightly to the precepts of their Church, ever willing to go where the faithful cannot.  They serve alongside the Craftpriests, guiding the Vaultguards in holy chants as they march to war against the numerous dangers beneath the mountains.

As holy warriors, dwarven paladins are highly trained combatants. At first level, Dwarven Paladins hit an unarmored foe (AC 0) with an attack throw of 10+. Like fighters, they advance in attack throws and saving throws by two points every three levels of experience. Paladins increase their base damage roll from melee attacks by +1 at 1st level and by an additional +1 at 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th level.

They may wear any armor, and may fight with a broad array of weapons, including the battle axe, flail, lance, mace, morning star, pole arm, spear, sword, two-handed sword, and war hammer. All Paladins may fight wielding a weapon and shield, wielding a weapon two-handed, or wielding a weapon in each hand, as desired. They may use any magic item usable by fighters.

All paladins must be Lawful in  alignment. A paladin who changes to Neutral or Chaotic loses his class powers.

If he later reverts to Lawful alignment and atones for any misdeeds (possibly through a quest or atonement spell) he can regain his lost powers.

As Dwarven Paladins are raised in their faith almost from birth, they begin with the Theology proficiency.  As their dedication to the arts of their kind, they gain a +1 to any proficiency they take, representing their dedication to perfection.

Dwarven Paladins save as Dwarven Vaultguards of equal level.

Dwarven Paladin Proficiency List: Alertness, Blind Fighting, Combat Reflexes, Combat Trickery (force back, incapacitate, overrun, sunder), Command, Diplomacy, Divine Blessing, Dungeon Bashing, Endurance, Engineering, Fighting Style, Goblin-Slaying, Healing, Knowledge (history), Illusion Resistance, Laying on Hands, Leadership, Manual of Arms, Military Strategy, Martial Training, Mystic Aura, Profession (judge), Riding, Running,  Vermin-Slaying, Weapon Focus

Paladin Level Progression
Experience Title Level Hit Dice MeleeBonus
0 Bulwark 1 1d6 +1
2450 Warder 2 2d6 +1
4900 Defender 3 3d6 +2
9800 Protector 4 4d6 +2
19600 Guardian 5 5d6 +2
39200 Sentinel 6 6d6 +3
80000 Justiciar 7 7d6 +3
160000 Paladin 8 8d6 +3
290000 Paladin Lord 9 9d6 +4
420000 Paladin Lord, 10th level 10 9d6+3* +4
550000 Paladin Lord, 11th level 11 9d6+6* +4
680000 Lord of the Faithful 12 9d6+9* +5

*Hit point modifiers from constitution are ignored


Cleric Progression

Level Special






1 Theology
2 Detect Chaos or Law
4 Aura of Sanctity
5 Holy Fervor
6 Turn Undead (As Cleric-5 levels)
7 Cast Spells as Cleric -5 levels)


8 Sanctified Body


9 Lay on Hands, Stronghold

















Paladin Spells

First Level Divine Spells

1 Command Word
2 Cure Light Wounds
3 Detect Chaos
4 Protection from Chaos
5 Sanctuary

Second Level Divine Spells

1 Bless
2 Hold Person
3 Resist Fire
4 Shimmer
5 Spirtual Weapon

Third Level Divine Spells

1 Continual Light
2 Cure Blindness
3 Cure Disease
4 Remove Curse
5 Striking

Fourth Level Divine Spells

1 Cure Serious Wounds
2 Death Ward
3 Dispel Magic
4 Smite Undead
5 Vigor

Fifth Level Divine Spells

1 Command Person
2 Commune
3 Dispel Chaos
4 Strength of Mind
5 Sword of Fire

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