Sundered Empires Session Report 10a-The Letter

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Your efforts in the north are proceeding nicely.  None noticed us leave Threshold, they are so preoccupied with the cut off trade.

Their greed will ever be their downfall.

I have made contact with our men in Restwell.  Their activities on the border are tying up what few forces remain here.  Restwell is strong, but given time, it will fall.  Their allies have contacted the wyrm and we may forge an alliance soon.

Those pretenders must remain preoccupied and their eyes elsewhere.  The weapon is buried in Dalagar, just as we were told.  The cultists provided me the last bit of evidence I needed to locate it’s final resting place.  If only the weaklings in Dalagar had had the strength to activate the weapon when the time was right… well, things would have been different, wouldn’t they?

By the time you read this, I will hopefully have made north with an expedition to excavate the entrance.  It will undoubtedly be trapped and protected, so it may well take me a few weeks to secure the location.  Just a little while longer, you only need to hold out for a month, maybe two.

Then we can be together and return to His side.

By the will of the Undying,


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