[Rules Clarifications]Fighting Side by Side

Ok, a niggling question for one of my players has been how many people can fight side by side in a 10′ corridor.  Later editions would tell you 2, but what about Old School?

Thankfully, Alex from Autarch Games (the man himself) has answered that very question for me!

“3 creatures with one-handed weapons or any piercing/stabbing weapons can fight side-by-side in a 10′ corridor. If the creatures are wielding two-handed weapons, then only 2 creatures can fight side by side.

In practice, you can end up with, e.g., 2 fighters in the front row with great axes, with a second rank of 3 spearmen. They might face off against 3 enemies with short swords with a second rank of 3 pikes. Etc.”

Thanks Alex!


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