New Adult?

I was told just recently by Jenn of Fallsintowriting that my most recent novel would do wall in the ‘New Adult’ category.  I’d never even heard of it before, though apparently I’m not alone.  It is a fairly new (as in 2009) category of fiction that deals with characters in the 18-25 age range.  It’s more ‘adult’ than ‘young’ and often deals with more serious real life issues.

I’ve been doing more research on the whole thing and I’ve found some interesting blogs that are focused on the classification:

Inkwell has a great breakdown of the class.

NA Alley seems to be a great spot for all things New Adult.

And Goodreads has a list of books that others consider to belong to this group.

Now, investigating this topic has led me to the conclusion that the vast majority of authors who write in this range are women, so if I decided to market my novel in that range, I’m hoping it will do more help than harm.  But my lead character is a woman, and most of the readers of my book have been women as well (coincidence, not intentional) and they’ve loved it, so maybe this is where I should look.

I’ll be looking more into it for certain.  And while I’m at it, my novel is getting a going over so I’m going to be working on that again soon.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m also considering self-publishing as a legitimate avenue.  We’ll see if I stick with my conviction.

3 thoughts on “New Adult?

  1. Jenn says:

    Thanks for the shout out! And just another note on New Adult genre – I think there are many books (written by both male and female) that would fall in this in-between state if we thought about them. It’s all about intended audience. There didn’t used to be a Young Adult genre until somebody stepped up and wrote for a particular audience. Even if you write for a New Adult audience, you also intend for others to read (just like many adults read YA lit).

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