Kickstart your Heart…

As some of you are aware, there is an amazing service out there called Kickstarter.  It allows ‘crowdfunding’ of projects, wherein a creator comes up with a product or concept, and gets those who are interested in it to pay up front to bring it into existence.

As a potential creator of artistic endeavors, I find this service amazing.  It allows artists, writers, film makers, musicians, and all manner of other creative individuals to find the funding to create their works, as well as finding a ready made audience.  Things that would never see the light of day exist because people are willing to put their money up front.  And if the Kickstarter goal is not reached in the time allotted, well, no money is charged, and no loses anything.

Just recently, Reaper Miniatures launched a kickstarter to fund new sculpts and miniatures in one of their most popular lines. They slowly built up steam as more and more places and people were talking about it.  Big names in the blogging and webcomic communities talked it up (such as Penny Arcade).  They knew how to make a good kickstarter.  Not only did they give huge value for money, but they made it so that the stretch goals (that is, goals that are met after the project is fully funded) were regular and worthwhile and affected the largest group of donaters (other kickstarters I’ve seen make the mistake of having the stretch goals really only effect their high end donations, which gives less incentive I think).

Another nice gaming feature they did was have a map, first of the graveyard where you dug up the ‘bones’ (the name of the miniture line) and then of the mausoleum, the catacombs beneath, and the hidden temple beneath that, etc, etc.  Each unlocked stretch goal was like exploring a dungeon and you didn’t know what you were going to find.  It really sucked people in.

A lot of people.

They finished on Saturday.  The 3rd most successful kickstarter ever.

They asked for $30000 to make a few new lines of great looking figs.

They got $3,415,558.

Over 100 times what they asked for.

And they gave back in spades.

Holy crap…


4 thoughts on “Kickstart your Heart…

  1. whyorick says:

    I would pledge 100 dollars or more for all of that… D:

    • I got sucked in to pledging $201 so I can get all of that…and some cases to carry it in, some extra see-through undead, some giants, a clockwork dragon, and…CTHULHU.
      Sigh…yeah, I have a problem. 🙂

  2. D. says:

    I’ve been quite happy with Kickstarter – but then again I was pledging stuff to Pagan Publishing back in the day… I should probably do a post on all of the things I’ve done this with via Kickstarter (and even the older ones if I can remember them all).

    Currently I’m trying to decide what I want to do regarding Chaosium’s new Orient Express reboot.


    • I have to admit, I’m a bit of a Kickstarter junkie. I’ve backed a large amount of things in a terribly short period of time! Which is really funny when I think about it because I almost never ‘pre-pay’ for products (like video games or books), so the Kickstarter’s ability to get me to do so is strange, but there it is.

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