House Rules-Sundered Empires Part 1

Everyone has their own house rules.  Everyone tweaks and modifies games to suit their own interests.  Here are mine (well, most of them…and mostly the ones I can think of right now).

Character Creation

Rolling Attributes:

Method 1

4d6 drop lowest in order

Players who choose human characters can choose to reroll any two attributes

Non-humans select one attribute from the following (only if they meet the racial requirement):

Dwarven: Strength, Wisdom or Constitution

Elven: Dexterity, Charisma, or Intelligence

Nar: Strength, Dexterity, or Charisma

Averyl: Strength, Wisdom, or Intelligence

Method 2

Roll five characters, 3d6 in order.  Choose the one you want.  Humans can add 1 point to two different attributes (cannot take it above 18).  Nonhumans can add 1 point to one attribute from above.  Characters can then trade off attributes as per ACKS.

Method 3

Roll history as per the guidelines in the Hill Canton Guide with attributes

Method 4

Make a character history with 6 important events in the character’s history.  Each one of these events get a die related to them.  For example, running with a street gang might give you a +1d to Dex.  All attributes start with 3d6.  Each bonus die can be applied to a single attribute, up to 3 to a single attribute.  So a character might roll 3d6 for Str, 3d6 for Int, 4d6 for Wis, 5d6 for Dex, 4d6 for Con, and 5d6 for Cha based on their background.  They take the highest three from each other.


Humans receive a bonus proficiency at level 1.  This bonus proficiency can come from any Class list, not just their own.

As proficiencies and customization of characters is fun, characters will get more proficiencies than the rules suggest.

General Proficiencies:

All characters start with one general proficiency, and gain an additional at levels:

4, 8, 12, 16, 20.  General proficiencies are figured from your primary class’ level only.

Class Proficiencies

Fighter Progression

1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20

Thief/Cleric Progression

1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18

Mage Progression

1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20

Note: Familiars or any other ‘pet’ ability that has extra proficiencies uses the progression listed in ACKS.

Starting Experience

Players who write a backstory that is at least a paragraph long.  get 100 experience.  More involved and detailed back stories will be awarded more starting experience.

Level Limits

None.  Non-human races can advance as high as human characters.  They are balanced against humans having higher attributes in key attributes (on average) and humans having a free Proficiency and advancing more quickly.


Dwarves and Elves have 60’ Infravision

Nar Progression

After level 8, Nar take 100,000 xp to advance + Class XP (so a Nar Gladiator would need 220,000 per level)

Specific Spells

Haste-Does not age target a year, but leaves them at a -2 to hit, saves, and AC for 3 Turns after use.

Arcane Damage Spells-these are capped at 10 dice of damage. Seriously, who needs more than that?

Resist Cold/Fire-with these spells you take ½ damage when you take damage from the element, or ¼ if you make a save.

Spells Lost in Combat

If a character is hit before they cast their spell, they can roll 1d6+their level.  If it is higher than the damage they suffered, they can continue casting


Roll a single die.  Apply you initiative modifier and the mods of all your hirelings to the die number (rather than rolling once for each hireling).

Best Friend Rule

All characters can have a free hireling.  This is the player’s secondary PC and is considered loyal to the primary PC.  They never leave the party nor make morale rolls, but must be paid for and lose their wages just like a normal hireling does.  If your primary PC dies, they can become your primary.  If any reserve xp has not been uused, they may take advantage of it then (normally, reserve xp can only be used for characters that are ‘off screen’.


See here

Experience for Monsters

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Additional Classes


Dwarven Paladin



House Rules Part 2


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