Sundered Empires Session Report 20a-Special Insert

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I decided it would be a good idea to go back over our cast and talk about the characters and npcs that are in the sessions so far.

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House Rules-Sundered Empires Part 3

Dual Classing

This particular set of house rules (untested yet) will undoubtedly be controversial.  I know a lot of people in the advanced circles have strong feelings about dual-classing, and it doesn’t even exist in B/X.  But it existed (and made a huge campaign impact) in my first campaign, so its important to me that players have this as an option.

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It occurred to me that I’ve done over 100 posts.  108 (well 109 when you consider this one) to be precise.  My 100th post went unremarked and untrumpeted, which is a bit sad.  I feel like I should have marked the occasion.

This blog has undergone a lot of changes in the last three years, with the most recent changes being the most surprising.  Writing about what you love really does make a difference.  😉

Since I’ve done 100 posts, I figure I should do something with the layout as well.  I’ve updated it.  I hope you like the new view.

I’ve got lots of plans for the future and intend to keep writing more.  I’ve really enjoyed blogging since I started talking about gaming and my writing seems to be taking off a bit, so there is more to talk about in that arena as well.

It’s an exciting time.  Thank you for coming along on the ride.

Sundered Empires Session Report 20

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The characters made it back to the safety of the Keep before the sun fell below the horizon.  They found the nearest guard and demanded to speak with the Prefect of the fort.  The guard chewed his cud for a second or two and then asked why.

“Because an army of undead is headed this way to tear this fort down to dust!” Long Tom blurted out.

He’s an excitable sort our Long Tom.

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Novel Rewrites

As some of you know, I finished writing a novel in 2010.  It’s an Urban Fantasy novel only without the Vampires and the Werewolves and instead focusing on different mythology.  I had a blast writing it and I somehow managed to write the entire 100+K novel in two months.

However, since I finished it, I’ve not been able to find an agent or publisher, which is disheartening but far from unusual.  For a long time I’ve been considering doing some major rewrites and edits, but man I hate that part of writing.  I can’t summon up the interest in tearing apart what I spent so long creating.

Recently though I have begun work with Jenn of Fallsintowriting under her editorial capacity from WordFalls.  It has been very eye-opening.  She’s really helped me hone my narrative and make things ‘pop’.  Every time I come away from a Skype session or she returns some meaningfully marked up chapters, I am energized.  She has given me back my enthusiasm, and I even feel excited about the rewriting process…something I never thought I would feel in a million years.

If you have a novel or short story you want some professional work on, I highly recommend her services.

Sundered Empires Session Report 19

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We had a mix of people not being able to make it, while other people who hadn’t been there in awhile showing instead.  I’ve started being a bit flippant about saying, “All right, you run back to camp and swap out.”  In other games I’d probably just run people’s characters as NPCs, but with old school being so deadly and so player skill dependant, that just doesn’t feel right.  Sadly, our sessions are rarely more than 3 hours, so the party doesn’t often have the time to make it back in a single session.

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House Rules-Sundered Empires Part 2

I knew when I started the House Rules post that the house rule would be something like a living document with periodic updates.  Well here are a few I forgot/just came up with!

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Level Limits

I’ve never met a player of old school games that did not have an opinion on Level Limits.  Some people love them.  Others, such as myself, hate them.  Very few people are apathetic towards them.

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