The following is the description of the city of Threshold, the city nearest to Restwell Keep.  It’s where the party has spent the second largest amount of their time.  They even have a house there now.  In game terms, it is a Class IV market.

Threshold-The City on the Edge of Sin
Threshold is a largish town/small city of around 5000 people.  As a frontier town, it is known as a place of loose morals, corrupt prelates, and desperation.  The priests here were mostly banished from the heart of the empire, the politicians belong to the thieves guild or the mercantile guild.  Cults to Chaos flourish, and even the most morally flexible Celebrant of Sethi has a dark and cynical bent.  It is a town of mercenaries and would be heroes, the last stop of civilization before heading to the outer wastes.
Threshold is an old city, and as one that has fallen and been rebuilt several times, it is an onion who’s layers show the history of the empire.  Sturdy walls protect the inner city now, The High District, but the sprawl beyond them has only the blades of it’s inhabitants and the soldier garrison to guard it.  The city nestles on a river and is primarily a trade city, bringing furs and woods and relics from the wastes and sending them back to the empire’s decaying heartwhile new ship fulls of prisoners and slaves make their way to the edges of the world.
The city is ruled by Tyburn Aurelius.  High District is on a hill overlooking both the river and the surround the countryside.  The rest of the city covers the hill and countryside down to the docks on the river.  The other districts are the God’s District, Dockside District, Guilder’s District, Hero’s District, and Market Town.
Besides the Citadel, there are several temples in God’s District, an Arena in Hero’s District as well as the Street of Heroes, where mercenaries and adventurers often look for work on the large pole in the square outside the arena.
“Adventurers Sought to Clear Castle Caldwell of a slight goblin infestation.  Leaders of expedition to be paid 100 gp each, plus whatever they find inside the castle.  See Lord Caldwell in the Raven’s Heart in Market Town.”
“500 gold reward for the head of the bandit leader Ranish and the destruction of his beastmen raiders.  Inquire with Captain Decius in High District.”
“The Dwarven Hero Karrock Steelmane has been missing for weeks.  Last seen on the northern road between Threshold and the mines of Dragonrock.  1000 gold will be paid his return or the return of his body.  Return of the Steelmane ancestral blade, Tall Bane, shall result in a reward of 5000 gold.  See Ulfhand Steelmane in the SilverLord’s Temple in God’s District.”
A faded proclamation urges true heroes to head west and contend with the dangers beyond Restwell Keep.  No reward is offered.

2 thoughts on “Threshold

  1. whyorick says:

    Very nice. Love the idea of it all. As someone who is developing their world and just got to the point of making the major cities and such, this is one of those bits of inspiration.

    • Thank you! Glad you like it! I came across it recently and thought I should post it up as a reminder to both myself and my players! The only other cities we have by name are Neuvo Victus and Neuvo Glorius. I really need to get around to working on the western edge of my sandbox map, since the players keep wanting to get to bigger towns!

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