House Rules-Sundered Empires Part 2

I knew when I started the House Rules post that the house rule would be something like a living document with periodic updates.  Well here are a few I forgot/just came up with!

Character Creation

Rolling Attributes:

Method 5

All characters start with 4d6 to be rolled for every attribute.  You can, after choosing what race you are going to play, move the extra dice from some attributes on to others to create a more favorable result.  Attributes must still have 3d6, but can go as high as 6d6.

Humans can improve any two attributes of their choice.

Dwarves can improve Str, Con, or Wis

Elves can improve Int, Dex, or Cha

Nar can improve Str, Dex, Cha

For example, John really wants to play a thief.  So he decides he’ll only roll 3d6 for strength and wisdom, but he’ll roll 6d6 for dexterity.  He could further roll 3d6 for constitution and increase his charisma dice to 5d6.

Any attribute you only roll 3d6 for (except Con or Cha) can then be traded at 2 for 1 to Prime Requisites.  Attributes that get 4 or more d6 cannot be traded.


Arcane Lore-All characters who cast arcane spells start with Detect Magic and Read Magic in their repertoire.  These spells are free and do not take up repertoire slots, however, they still take a 1st level slot to cast.

Attribute Modifiers-Caster characters gain a bonus spell per day for a high attribute modifier.  If they have a +1, they can cast one additional first level spell a day.  If they have a +2, they can also cast an additional second level spell per day (once they can cast second level spells).  If they have a +3, they can also cast an additional third level spell per day once they have access to third level spells.

Switching Repertoire

Arcanist characters can change their repertoire for less money than is described in the rules.

Swapping a level one spell costs 320 gp

Swapping a level two spell costs 640 gp

Swapping level three and higher costs the normal amount.  It still takes one week per level of the spell.

Identifying Magic Items

You can identify items roughly with Loremastery or Magical Engineering.

To identify the plus of weapons, armor, or protective gear, you will learn it if used in combat and the modifier makes a difference (I.e. you roll one less than you’d normally need to hit but are using a +1 sword, you will know it’s at least +1).  Outside of the dungeon, a week of sparring and practice using the item will eventually reveal it’s modifier.

To identify a command word, any character capable of casting Detect Magic can perform a two week ritual that will reveal MOST command words and charges remaining.  This ritual costs 500 gp and requires the character throw 11+ on a d20, adding their caster level (if not performed by a PC, you must also pay for the caster’s time).  If they fail, they can spend an additional week and 250gp more to continue, gaining a +1 to their next roll.  Perspective buyers of charged items will ALWAYS require this service performed by a caster of their choosing, at the seller’s cost, before buying the item.

Casters performing the research are paid 1/4th the Henchmen price per week of research, and no refunds are offered if the ritual fails.  In other words, it pays to find a higher level caster to perform the ritual and just eat the higher cost.

House Rules Part 1


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