[House Rules-Races]God Sparked: Jotun

I’m working on some ideas for some races for another setting (or world) that I might use in the future.  The basic idea is that most (or all) of the gods are dead, but their essences remain scattered amongst the mortal races.  Occasionally a child is born with their divine potency.  These people are called ‘God Sparks’ because they have the spark of the divine within them.

This is for the Jotun, the breed of God Spark born from gods of war or savagery.

God Spark-Jotun

Jotun born God Sparks always stand out.

Of the God Spark, there are few as noticeable as a Jotun.  Born to mortal parents, they grow quickly, usually developing  huge muscles and tall, well-proportioned physiques.  Some Jotun grow to seven or eight feet in height, and are often thought of as giants.

In truth, the Jotun merely have the spark of dead gods of war and strength in their souls, altering them accordingly.  Most view the birth of a Jotun as a sign of good favor and fortune, even if their powerful rages are feared.

Jotun 0: Cost= 450

Stone Fists: The Jotun can, in the absence of weapons, strike with their fists for devastating results.  They can attack twice a round inflicting 1d3 damage with each strike.  Their fists are not harmed by metallic armor and after fifth level are treated as magical. (2)

Tough Skin: the Jotun have tough, dense skin, giving them a base AC of 1 instead of 0. (1)

Berserkergang: the Jotun can fly into a battle rage when they wish.  This acts as the Proficiency of the same name. (1)

Hardy People: As a God Spark, the Jotun gain a +3 to saves versus Blast and Breath, and a +4 versus all other saves. (2.5)

Divine Focus: the God Spark can draw upon their divine nature to improve their chances at success in various tasks.  The character can go into focus once per day per level of experience. While in focus, the character gains a +1 bonus to all attack throws, proficiency throws, saving throws, and initiative rolls. A meditative focus lasts for 1 turn (10 minutes). (1)

Heroic Spirit: Because of the God Spark’s courageous spirit, the maximum class level for any God Spark class is increased by 1. (1)

Longevity: All God Spark characters are ageless and enjoy a lifespan three times longer than that of normal men. Like elves, they are immune to ghoul paralysis. (1)

Divine Reflexes: The character gains a +1 bonus on surprise rolls and initiative rolls. This does not provide a bonus to casting spells. While Divine Reflexes is similar to taking the Combat Reflexes proficiency selected as a custom power, for game balance reasons, consider Animal Reflexes as a separate class power and allow it to stack with Combat Reflexes. (1)

Infravision: God Sparks can see 30’ in the dark. (1)


Jotun 1: Cost=1000

As Above + 1 Level of Fighting (500)


Iron Fists: The Jotun’s fists now inflict 1d4 with each strike. (+1)


Jotun 2: Cost=1625

As Above +1 Level of HD (500)


Divine Fury: At will, the character can enter a fighting fury. While furious, the character gains a +2 bonus to damage rolls and becomes immune to fear. However, the character cannot retreat from combat. Once it has begun, a fighting fury cannot be ended until combat ends. (2)

Armored Skin: The Jotun’s skin toughens further, their base AC is 2 instead of 0. (+1)


Jotun 3: Cost=2125

As Above +2 Levels of Fighting (total) (1000)


Steel Fists: The Jotun’s fists now inflict 1d6 damage with each strike. (+1)


Jotun 4: Cost=2800

As Above +2 Levels of HD (total) (1000)


Unbreakable: Jotun’s skin becomes as tough as steel.  Their base AC is 3 instead of 0. (+1)

Divine Flesh: Jotun with this powerful of a God Spark become immune to Disease at level 6 (.5)

Divine Strength: As a Jotun grows in power, they grow in strength.  At 8th level, they become as strong as Hill Giants, as though under the effects of a permanent ‘Giant’s Strength’ effect.  Their fists now do 1d8 per strike (not doubled). (3)

Jotun add 50,000 xp to advance beyond level 9.

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