Self-Published Authors Getting a Knife in the Back?

Interesting article about some potentially dodgy dealings from Amazon and the big six to negate the success of Self-Published Authors.

Not certain how true all of this is, but if it is correct, that doesn’t bode well for self-publishing.  Though really, I think it will just mean that self-publishing will move away from Amazon to another venue.


5 thoughts on “Self-Published Authors Getting a Knife in the Back?

  1. Catana says:

    Entirely too many assumptions based on too little information. He knows no more about Amazon’s intentions than I do. And what does the Simon and Schuster deal have to do with it? Absolutely nothing. The whole post smacks of the sloppiest kind of conspiracy thinking.

    • Good points, for sure. The only thing the merger concerns me over is that already the other mergers are making it harder for new authors to get ‘in’ to the industry, so this will make it worse for former self-published authors to get their foot in the door.

      But yeah, I make no claim that what he says is true, but it is worrying if it is true.

      • Catana says:

        It’s already all but impossible for an unknown writer to get their foot in the door of any publisher, so I’m not sure mergers will make that much difference. But that’s irrelevant for self-publishers. If anything, it will turn more writers into self-publishers.

      • From what I’ve heard, agents are being allowed to bring in much less unknowns now than previously, and any situation in which Y<X where Y is the number of new authors is a problem. I do agree, however, that it will make more self-publishers, but through which platforms? If Amazon becomes less friendly towards self-publishing (which remains to be seen, it might not) then someone else will have to step into the void and offer that service. Maybe Goodreads should do it… 😉

  2. Catana says:

    Self-publishers definitely need more platforms, but it’s darned hard for new ones to gain a foothold in the face of amazon’s strength. I doubt that Goodreads would have what it takes, even if it was inclined in tha direction. Competing with Amazon requires flexibility and being fast on your feet, and Goodreads is neither. Plus, sites that try to be all things to all people usually wind up not doing well at any of them. At the moment, Goodreads is only marginally friendly to self-publishing, since it allows promotional giveaways only of print books.

    Everything is in flux, which makes being a self-publisher very challenging (and interesting).

    Also interesting that agents are easing up a bit. They have to change their ways, too, if they’re going to survive. But it’s still a hunt for possible best-sellers rather than for creative work that may not have a huge market.

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