It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like an OSR Christmas…!

Ok, my output has dropped off of late because, well, the holidays.  Too much to do out in the real world, writing and (horrible, horrible) day job wise, not to mention buying people presents!

So, while I don’t have a new session report, I do have several ‘in the can’ so to speak and they should be ready for the coming weeks…though probably starting in January.  I also have some more classes I’ll be showing soon, and some funky mechanics I’ve been playing with in my head (thank you Skyrim for Dragonsouls).  And a little bird told me that Santa will be bringing me a bevy of OSR related Xmas presents…so maybe I’ll do some reviews.

Also hope to have some interesting developments to announce coming soon next year.

I’m sure I’ll be back before the year ends, just didn’t want anyone to think I’d fallen off a cliff.

Oh, and go see The Hobbit.  It rocks!


Happy British Day

So, today, after many years living abroad, I am finally able to say, “I’m a British Person.”

It’s interesting.  At first, I did it mostly to make things easier for me living across the pond.  I didn’t think too much about it, more simply that I wanted to full integrate with my current society.

Then, I started really thinking about it.  I realized it wasn’t just a piece of paper (though it was), but that it meant a lot more than just that.  In every way that matters, I’m as British as apple… well, you get the idea.

It’s a pretty significant thing.  I’m proud that I’ve reached this point.  It’s a strange place to be, a place most people never are.  I’m a son of two worlds now, and that’s pretty damn cool.



Holy heck… I reached over 20000 hits today.  This is amazing.  The VAST majority of these hits have been since Feb 28th when I decided to change direction and write about what I was passionate about: gaming.  I’m so glad I did.   

Thank you so much to my readers for following me and showing interest.  I look forward to the coming year and all the surprises it brings.  I hope you stay with me for the journey, and I’ll keep writing what comes!

What the Priests Said…

I just found two awesome posts on alignment and the different views of a Chaotic and a Lawful Priest.  They were so awesome, I had to quote them.

What the Lawful Priest Said (by Alex Schroeder)

“Alone we are weak and life is a valley of tears. Together we are strong. Together we build our homes. Together we till our fields. Together we defend our towns and villages. Together are we strong.

“We build dams against the flood. We build aqueducts against the drought. We build canals against the plague. We drain the swamps and push back the fever. We fill our granaries and defeat famine.

“We punish treachery and reward loyalty. We ensure law and justice. Even if the corruption of chaos and anarchy are on the rise, we have our heavenly order from the highest gods in heaven down to the lowest devils in hell. They make sure that punishment and rewards are not forgotten—not now and not for all eternity.

“In our world everybody has a place and there is a place for everybody—including you. See these books: the knowledge of the elders, the scriptures and tablets of our ancestors. This is our inheritance. Learn as much as you can, work as hard you can. Lift your head, rise! Be a true member of our proud community.”

What the Priest of Chaos Said (by Telecanter)

“Life is Chaos: the weeds in the plowed fields, the orchards gone to woods, the shore worn away by the sea.  Chaos is long patterns: the rivers unfurl, the clouds move as they will but each with their own way.

The Elves make homes in the trees, but not by killing them and cutting them into sharp-edged planks then watching those rot and weather.  No, they watch for the trees’ patterns and shape them slowly and live among them; the tree living, the Elf living.

Order is the hubris that mans’ whims can be imposed on the world, and dooms them– man, woman, and child– to a lifetime of wearying burden.  Chaos is not the burning of cities, but realizing the foolishness of building such at all. Chaos is not lawlessness, but realizing that men, like trees, have their ways, and to lay laws upon them without acknowledging this, is to cut them down and bury them in plank-sided boxes.  Come with me.  I know not where I’m going, but we will learn along the way.”

[House Rules-Classes]Soul Knight (Redux)

After some consideration, I’ve decided to modify my Soul Knight Class.  Rather than manifest a (very) damaging spell, I think I’d rather take a page from later editions and let them create a weapon that steadily get’s stronger as they level up.  I don’t think it will break anything (not when compared to multiple attacks from Claws and Bite), so I’m ok with it.

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Sundered Empires Session Report 27

Read the previous play report

In the mists, the characters debated what to do when they returned to the garden.  Bruna (the military strategist) realized that if they all lay down, even if they were put to sleep, they would stay on the ground.  So they tried it… the mist deposited them face down and though half the party fell asleep, no one fell into the grab grass.

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Three Year Anniversary!

WordPress just told me I registered three years ago.  I didn’t realize that.  It doesn’t seem possible.

Granted, for the vast time I had the blog, I barely used it, so maybe that is a thing.

I’m glad now that I write the kind of stuff I do.  I’m glad I’ve come clean.  It’s given me so much to write about, and so much joy.  If my posts were a novel word count, I’d have finished one by now.

Hmmm…sobering thought.

Anyway, holidays are around the bend.  I’ve got some interesting ideas for the future.  Next year I should have some great news involving gaming and writing, but I’ll hold off on that for now.

Thanks for everyone who reads my stuff and comments.  I truly appreciate it!