I’ve always loved psionics.  Yes, they were a terrible mess.  Yes, we almost never used the psionic combat matrix back in 1E.  Yes, the psionics in 2E were also a mess and left characters that were either terribly weak or terribly powerful, depending on the kind of game you ran… but there was still something about them that made them ‘shine’.

Maybe it was the idea of a power outside of your leveling arc that appealed, or the Dark Sun idea of everyone with strange powers that really lit my adolescent mind on fire.  I don’t know.  When I ran my campaign world, I integrated psionics into it, had a powerful NPC psionic end up marrying one of the main PCs and bearing his child (an even more powerful psionic).  The NPC in turn, as a kind gesture, performed psychic surgery on another PC and awoke a truly potent Wild Talent… who later killed her husband in part with the powers he gave her.

Yeah, it got nuts.

So, finding a psionic system (that works) is a big deal for me.  I want to add psionics to ACKS but it has to meet several criteria.

One, mostly balanced.

Two, wild talents (systems that only create a psychic class don’t fill the role for me).

Three, psionic class (systems that lack a purely dedicated psionic don’t work either).

Four, psionic combat that works with the rest of the system.

Yeah…not easy.

However, I’ve been looking at some options.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!