Three Year Anniversary!

WordPress just told me I registered three years ago.  I didn’t realize that.  It doesn’t seem possible.

Granted, for the vast time I had the blog, I barely used it, so maybe that is a thing.

I’m glad now that I write the kind of stuff I do.  I’m glad I’ve come clean.  It’s given me so much to write about, and so much joy.  If my posts were a novel word count, I’d have finished one by now.

Hmmm…sobering thought.

Anyway, holidays are around the bend.  I’ve got some interesting ideas for the future.  Next year I should have some great news involving gaming and writing, but I’ll hold off on that for now.

Thanks for everyone who reads my stuff and comments.  I truly appreciate it!


2 thoughts on “Three Year Anniversary!

  1. Jason says:

    Keep it up!

    Your session reports are the best, a goldmine of inspiration for anyone into OSR gaming. Long Tom is my favorite character, by far.

    Question for you–do you roll up henchmen & hirelings for your characters, and make the sheet available when the NPC is hired on, or do they play a role in the creation of the NPC?

    • Oh, wow, thanks for that! That is such a wonderful complement! I’m really glad you enjoy them 😀
      As for hirelings, it depends. Back when they were lower level picking up 0-level normals, I didn’t even roll their stats till they made it to first level and stayed on the with the PCs. Most hirelings I’ve rolled after the players were invested in them (finding the more likely to try and keep someone they’ve nursed to level 1 even if the stats aren’t that great than if the new ahead of time the guy had crap stats). As they’ve leveled and gone looking for more capable hirelings, I’ve occasionally let them roll them (though hirelings don’t get the funky House Rule creations that PCs and ‘best friends’ do…they are strictly 3d6 down the line). Sometimes it depends on if it’s happening in game or before hand, or just how busy I am at the moment. 😉

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