[House Rules-Classes]Soul Knight (Redux)

After some consideration, I’ve decided to modify my Soul Knight Class.  Rather than manifest a (very) damaging spell, I think I’d rather take a page from later editions and let them create a weapon that steadily get’s stronger as they level up.  I don’t think it will break anything (not when compared to multiple attacks from Claws and Bite), so I’m ok with it.

Soul Knight

Prime Requisite:            STR, WIS

Requirements:               None

Hit Dice:                       1d6

Maximum Level:           14

Soul Knights are an order of devoted zealots who practice a rigorous martial way.  Their training allows a small handful to produce wondrous effects from their enlightened abilities.  Their chief and most renowned ability is their ability to call their Soul Blade, a weapon of mystical force that is a reflection of their spiritual state.

Because of their lifelong training, soul knights are exceptionally skilled combatants. At first level, mystics hit an unarmored foe (AC 0) with an attack throw of 10+. They advance in attack throws and saving throws by two points every three levels of experience (e.g. the same progression as fighters).

Soul Knights train to fight with a broad selection of weapons, specifically any swords, daggers, spears, and polearms; battle axes, warhammers, short bows, crossbow, staves. Like fighters, soul knights increase their base damage roll from successful melee attacks by +1 at 1st level and by an additional +1 at 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th level. They may fight wielding a wielding a weapon two-handed or wielding a weapon in each hand, as desired. They may use any magic item usable by fighters.

 Experience  Title  Lev Hit Dice DamBonus
0 Inspired 1 1d6 +1
2250 Shielded Soul 2 2d6 +1
4500 Enlightened Soul 3 3d6 +2
9000 Heroic Soul 4 4d6 +2
18000 Bright Soul 5 5d6 +2
36000 Shining Soul 6 6d6 +3
70000 Perfected Soul 7 7d6 +3
140000 Epic Soul 8 8d6 +3
260000 Soul Knight 9 9d6 +4
380000 Soul Knight 10th 10 9d6+2* +4
500000 Soul Knight 11th 11 9d6+4* +4
620000 Soul Knight 12th 12 9d6+6* +5
740000 Soul Knight 13th 13 9d6+8* +5
860000 Soul Lord 14 9d6+10* +5
Level Special 1 2 3 4 5
1 Soul Blade, Soul Dance
2 Soul Shield
3 1
4 Soul Blade +1 1
5 2
6 Meditative Focus 2
7 2
8 Soul Blade +2 2 1
9 2 2
10 Blade Burst 2 2
11 2 2 1 1
12 Soul Blade +3 2 2 1 1
13 2 2 2 1 1
14 2 2 2 1 1

The signature power of the Soul Knight is the ability to manifest their SoulBlade. This power manifests a glowing melee weapon in the shape of any weapon they are proficient with.  When they summon the weapon, it does damage as a normal one-handed weapon (1d6 or 1d8 if held in two hands).  If the character possesses Fighting Style: Two Handed, they can shape it into a two handed weapon (2H sword, axe, or halberd).  If they possesses Fighting Style: Two Weapon, they can create an extra off-hand weapon, though it never has any bonuses.  The weapon will last until they dispel it or it leaves their hand for more than one round.  In all other ways, it behaves as a normal weapon of its type.

At level 4, the weapon gains a +1 magical bonus to hit and damage, and it goes to +2 at level 8 and +3 at level 12.

Soul Dance-This represents the martial style of the Soul Knights.  So long as they wear no armor heavier than leather, they gain a +1 to their AC.  This increases to +2 at level 7 and +3 at level 13.

Soul Shield-At this level the character can create a shield of force around themselves.  This grants them a 7 AC versus Melee and AC 5 vs Missile Fire and lasts for 3 Turns (unless it is dispelled).  It also stops magic missiles.  This ability can be used once per hour.  Effects which add to AC (such as Soul Dance) add to this power, but not worn armor.

Meditative Focus- High level Soul Knights are able to enter a state of meditative focus in which their body and mind act with hyperawareness. Entering into focus does not require an action. While in focus, the mystic gains a +1 bonus to armor class, attack throws, proficiency throws, saving throws, and initiative rolls. A Soul Knight’s meditative focus lasts for 1 turn (10 minutes). As the mystic’s mind expands, so does his ability to maintain their focus. Soul Knights can go into focus once per day per level of experience.

Blade Burst-The Soul Knife at this level of mastery can shatter their soul blade, attacking numerous target’s nearby in a hail of mystical blades.

This ability functions as the following spell, and can be used once a day.

Blade Burst                            Range: 0’ (effect centred on caster)

Divine 3 (Soul Knight) Duration: Instant

This spell causes the character’s spell blade to explode into a multitude of glowing duplicates that lash out at all nearby enemies in a storm of destruction.  It cause 1d6 damage per level, up to a maximum of 5d6 and can hit one target per level of the caster.  The caster must make a to hit roll for the spell to be effective.

This spell is also an assumed break through to bring it down from a 4th level spell to a 3rd level, so it can be used once a day.  At 10th level, I think there are far worse things casters can spit out.

When a soul knight reaches 5th level (Bright Soul), his enlightened fervor inspires others to follow him. Any hirelings of the same alignment as the soul knight gain a +1 bonus to their morale score whenever he is present. This bonus stacks with any modifiers from the soul knight’s Charisma or proficiencies.

At 9th level (Soul Knight), a soul knight can found or capture a fortress and become a protector of men. When he does so, up to 1d4+1×10 0th level mercenaries and 1d6 soul knights of 1st-3rd level will come to apply for jobs and training. If hired, they must be paid standard rates for mercenaries. Soul Knight’s fortresses are otherwise identical to fighters’ castles, as detailed in the Campaign chapter of the ACKS Rulebook.

At 10th level, a soul knight can research spells and craft potions and scrolls.

Soul Knight Proficiency List: Acrobatics, Ambush, Alertness, Apostasy, Battle Magic,  Blind Fighting, Ceremony, Climbing, Combat Reflexes, Combat Trickery (force back, incapacitate, overrun, sunder), Diplomacy, Divine Blessing, Divine Health, Endurance, Fighting Style, Healing, Illusion Resistance, Laying on Hands, Leadership, Military Strategy, Martial Training, Mystic Aura, Running, Swashbuckling, Weapon Focus

First Level Divine Spells

1 Cure Light Wounds*
2 Detect Magic
3 Faerie Fire elm(fire)
4 Sharpness
5 Soul Leap

Second Level Divine Spells

1 Bless*
2 Rightous Wrath
3 Shimmer
4 Soul Strength
5 Swift Sword

Third Level Divine Spells

1 Blade Burst
3 Soul Flight
4 Soul Step
5 Striking

Fourth Level Divine Spells

1 Cure Serious Wounds*
2 Dispel Magic
3 Minor Globe of Invulnerability
4 Soul Rage
5 Vigor

Fifth Level Divine Spells

1 Greater Blade Burst
2 Scry
3 Strength of Mind
4 Sword of Fire elm(fire)
5 True Seeing

New and Modified Spells

Greater Blade Burst              Range: 0’ (effect centred on caster)

Divine 5 (Soul Knight) Duration: Instant

This spell causes the character’s spell blade to explode into a multitude of glowing duplicates that lash out at all nearby enemies in a storm of destruction.  It cause 1d10 damage per level, up to a maximum of 5d10 and can hit one target per level of the caster all of which must be within 30’.  The caster must make a to-hit roll on each target for the spell to be effective.

Soul Flight                              Range: Self

Divine 3(Soul Knight)   Duration: 1 Turn a Level

As the Shamen spell Winged Flight, but the character is surrounded by a glowing aura the same color as their soul blade.

Soul Leap                               Range: Self

Divine 1 (Soul Knight) Duration: 1 Turn a Level

This spell functions as the Jump spell, except as detailed above.

Soul Rage                               Range: Self

Divine 4 (Soul Knight) Duration: 1 Turn a Level

This spell grants the caster the benefits of the spell Giant Strength except as detailed above.

Soul Step                                Range: Self

Divine 3 (Soul Knight) Duration: Instantaneous

This spell functions as the Dimension Door spell, except as detailed above.  In effect they can teleport 360’, but only the soul knight.

Soul Strength                          Range: Self

Divine 2 (Soul Knight) Duration: 1 Turn a Level

This spell grants the caster the benefits of the spell Ogre Strength except as detailed above.


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