What the Priests Said…

I just found two awesome posts on alignment and the different views of a Chaotic and a Lawful Priest.  They were so awesome, I had to quote them.

What the Lawful Priest Said (by Alex Schroeder)

“Alone we are weak and life is a valley of tears. Together we are strong. Together we build our homes. Together we till our fields. Together we defend our towns and villages. Together are we strong.

“We build dams against the flood. We build aqueducts against the drought. We build canals against the plague. We drain the swamps and push back the fever. We fill our granaries and defeat famine.

“We punish treachery and reward loyalty. We ensure law and justice. Even if the corruption of chaos and anarchy are on the rise, we have our heavenly order from the highest gods in heaven down to the lowest devils in hell. They make sure that punishment and rewards are not forgotten—not now and not for all eternity.

“In our world everybody has a place and there is a place for everybody—including you. See these books: the knowledge of the elders, the scriptures and tablets of our ancestors. This is our inheritance. Learn as much as you can, work as hard you can. Lift your head, rise! Be a true member of our proud community.”

What the Priest of Chaos Said (by Telecanter)

“Life is Chaos: the weeds in the plowed fields, the orchards gone to woods, the shore worn away by the sea.  Chaos is long patterns: the rivers unfurl, the clouds move as they will but each with their own way.

The Elves make homes in the trees, but not by killing them and cutting them into sharp-edged planks then watching those rot and weather.  No, they watch for the trees’ patterns and shape them slowly and live among them; the tree living, the Elf living.

Order is the hubris that mans’ whims can be imposed on the world, and dooms them– man, woman, and child– to a lifetime of wearying burden.  Chaos is not the burning of cities, but realizing the foolishness of building such at all. Chaos is not lawlessness, but realizing that men, like trees, have their ways, and to lay laws upon them without acknowledging this, is to cut them down and bury them in plank-sided boxes.  Come with me.  I know not where I’m going, but we will learn along the way.”