Dungeons and Dads

Ok, so first post since holidays ended and I got back from across the pond.  I was going to write about a troubling gaming related issue, but instead, I thought I’d share some information about a new adventure I’m about to undertake.

To quote my recent status update:

As an adult gamer, I often find it difficult to meet people who’s interests and, more importantly, schedules allow for a good old fashioned gaming session. Too often, work, friends, and family demands put gaming on the back burner, a regrettable but all too common situation. So, in the spirit of helping me find a more captive audience for my gaming needs, my wife and I have decided to grow our own, albeit future, gamer.


The Sleeper has Awoken!


2 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dads

  1. Tom H. says:

    Congratulations, and good luck! It takes time and a deft touch; I seem not to have gotten it right yet. (10-year-old wants to DM bad 3.5 adventures, 8-year-old wants me to DM 4e, and 2-year-old will only be interested in a ruleset including the “Tank Engine” custom class.)

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m sure it will take effort on my part. I think I’m going to induct it via the route I took…Dungeon the board game! 😉
      Though now I kind of want to make a ‘Tank Engine’ custom ACKS class! 😀

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