Sundered Empires Session Report 28

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In the mists, Kenan-Tal told Long Tom about Claude’s offer.  Everyone talked it over, weighing the risks and the benefits.  Long Tom would bring Lysander back, no matter what and Anika and Cronyan were both willing to take the risk.

So they came out of the mists into Claude’s library and, after a brief conversation, paid the priest with their copious funds.  He cast the spell on Anika, warning her that he took no responsibility for how the God’s judged her.  Which apparently wasn’t quite highly.  She removed her mask, her beauty restored, but then immediately was consumed by a terrible thirst.  She hunger’s for alcohol now like a life long addict.

Meanwhile, Lysander woke from death mostly no worse for wear (except his wisdom decreased by 1).  There was a look of shock on his face as Long Tom told him what had happened to him.  Lysander’s hero worship of Long Tom increased and the bromance was firmly back in place.

They laid low in the library since the wandering monsters avoided it.  Eventually they were taken back to the mists where Lysander and Anika recovered.  They then returned and Cronyan had the spell cast upon him.  His devotion to protection at cost to himself were rewarded by him retuning with no injuries and very little convalescence time.

They asked Claude about the various rooms on the wing and he told them about what he knew which was most of the rooms.  Forewarned, they went and visited the Wolven room where the 6’-8’ wolf men greeted them warmly their announcement that they were friends of Claude.  When the Wolven saw Chrysoar, Richard’s blade, they became very excited.  Amongst themselves, the wolven whispered about trading for the sword and whether they thought the players would go for their offers.  So they revealed a large chest and poured gold out.  The party yawned.  After several back and forths, the wolven eventually offered the party 7000 gp, a cloak of displacement, and a wand of fireballs with an unknown number of charges.

They then explored a secret door that Claude revealed, behind which was a red room, much like the other colored rooms.  Inside was one of his allies, a tall red skinned warrior with blazing hair.  He said he was a child of the Sun, named Arken, and he served Claude out of a debt for Claude’s assistance destroying an efreet.  But with Claude’s presence, he allowed the party to pass through to the black room (the room that the green knight guarded).

The black room was much like the others, with strange scents and everything colored black.  Kenan-Tal pulled up the carpet and they discovered a trap door.  Beneath the door was a stone passage.  This led to a room with a large square made up of 25 smaller squares (5×5) each with a different letter in them.  Anika examined them and declared that she recognized at least three (thanks to her Loremastery proficiency) as the names of a spirit and different demons.  The spirit was one of protection, but the others were not so nice.  The party retreated and returned to Claude to ask for more help.  He didn’t know a safe path across the squares, but offered to Commune with the Lord of War and see if he could help.  So they discovered that the path with the spirit’s name was safe.  They also discovered that the note they’d found previously in Claude’s library spoke the truth (which was something of a revelation to Claude, to discover his family was from another world).

So they traveled back across the squares and as Long Tom touched each letter in turn, it lit up until he crossed.  At that point he felt the spirit’s power descend upon him and grant its blessing (a permanent +2 to his saves).

No one else gained any benefit from crossing across the letter squares, but they all crossed safely.

The next room they entered was a jail, containing four cells.  One had a delusional man who simply stared at a painting of the moon on the back wall of his cell, and another contained a large, bull headed man that refused to acknowledge the party except to watch them.  Jayna couldn’t shed light on the crazy man, saying simply that some became obsessed by the moon and her faith treated such people as best they could.

So they left the room and found a cold corridor with 3’x3’ doors built into the walls, three high.  They shut that door, and eventually entered an alchemist’s laboratory.  When everyone was inside, the doors slammed shut and locked, while vents poured black powder into the room.  The powder quickly turned into a mist.  They backed away, casting Slow Poison spells on the undefended members, leaving Kenan-Tal, Klangor, and Long Tom with no protection.  They made their saves…and nothing happened.  Eventually the doors unlocked.

This was one of those ‘gotcha’ things that was quite common in older modules that I hate.  Basically, you made a save each round until you failed… which to my mind just basically should be handled by saying ‘everyone fails, rocks fall, etc’.  However, the mist didn’t kill, it would have sent them to a strange dream, and they would have had to make a second save.  If the second save failed, the dream, good or bad, became truth.  The players were a bit bummed that they’d missed out on the opportunity especially after I told them of a few of the things that could have happened.  But equally it could have been save or die, so they weren’t that sad.

They headed north out of that room and into a corridor that looked just like the one they’d found that led to the word square.  Another ladder led them to another secret door and then up into a chapel.  They entered a room that, on the surface looked like a chapel but in a subtle, twisted mockery of faith.  Twenty four ‘saintly’ statues lined the eastern, western, and southern walls.  They approached a few of these, examining them.  The third one they approached came to life and stepped off its plinth.  Then they faded to the mist.


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