Sundered Empires Session Report 29

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I’ve been very busy the last two weeks working on some short story submissions for some contests.  As such, this and probably the next session report will have to be brief and mostly hit the highlights.

Kenan-Tal got touched by the statue and contracted Malaria.  Luckily this is ‘non-fatal-fantasy-malaria’ but he is still at a -4 to hit.  Destroying the statue they advanced into the western wing of the chapel, in which they encountered 9 zombies which they easily destroyed.  They then explored the eastern wing, getting attacked by another statue though it failed to inflict any negative statuses on anyone.  This side was identical, so I didn’t bother running the fight just saying it proceeded more or less like the last one.

Then they went north through the left northern door and around a hallway with three doors on the south.  They spent a turn standing and concentrating trying to use Detect Chaos.  They sensed Chaos through the first door, nothing through the second and Chaos through the third.  But while they were lollygagging, another group of wandering Living Stone statues came around the corner.  I rolled the maximum (3) and the fight started.  This was brutal.  Only “Shattering Shields” kept characters in the fight at all as the statues hosed the front ranks with burning lava.  Klangor went down, scarred (but only minorly so) as did Cronyan (but he recovered with no significant injury).  Other characters were dangerously low on hit points by the time they defeated the last statue. 

They opened the southern door, even though they were carrying a wounded Klangor.  Inside a vast study was an Amberite man who told them to be quiet, and complained that their noises were causing him great pain.  They talked to him and he went on and on about hearing scratching and noises ever since he buried his sister.  They offered to ‘put her to rest’ assuming she was undead.  The elves heard the sound of soft padding feet heading down the corridor and turned in time to see a woman dressed in a torn burial shroud clutching a sword.  Screaming in rage, she ignored the party and ran at the man.  Ophidius stopped her from murdering him, but it was clear that they were both insane.  The party offered to take her away, but Jayna demanded the man pay them to ‘deal with her’.  He gladly handed over his treasure and they took her back to Claude, who offered to treat her and nurse her back to health.  Then they reverted to mist and disappeared.

It sounds like not a lot happened in this session but it was a full night.  There was a lot of roleplaying and discussion, and of course a lot of time got eaten up with the ‘detect chaos/power’ uses. 


3 thoughts on “Sundered Empires Session Report 29

  1. archivis says:

    Thanks for update. Are they ever going to get out of there before everyone ends up splattered or transformed horribly by Castle Amber’s many terrible (and fun) traps and tricks?

    • Well… I can’t answer that yet. They’ve gone to the other world, as in Castle Amber, but I’ve sent them to a very different place of my own making. They are torn between returning home and righting the (terrible, terrible) wrongs they’ve uncovered there.

  2. prototype00 says:

    Klangor’s player here.

    Before this adventure: Detect Chaos rules! We get to know if there is something gribbly behind the door, always!

    After this adventure: Just open the door! We’re not waiting around for the magma golems to get us again!

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