Sundered Empires Session Report 30

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Again, I apologize for the brevity of this report.  The week I’m writing it, I am still working on the short story contest.

Anyway, the party reappeared with a full house (6 players, one who ended up playing Guido as he was just visiting).  Hannah joined the party and was brought up to speed on what she missed.  They reappeared with Claude and were surprised to see that the woman was missing.  There was a conversation in which they realized Claude did not see them disappear or reappear from the mist.  To him, they ‘left’ and ‘came back’ to the library by walking out the door, and it had been weeks since he’d seen them last.  His cousin was cured and resting peacefully elsewhere.

He Restored Life and Limb on Guido, giving him back his junk.  But the worshipper of Sethi suffered and has now become hairy and needs to shave regularly or suffer penalties to attack. 

So, they travelled back to the temple and explored the rooms they’d missed.  They found a room full of skeletons that quickly fell back to turning, but one of them did not and revealed its four arms and began to pummel the front row.  Lairn stopped it with a viscous Web formed of black and red organic material. 

This is definitely a ‘cheater spell’ as my online GM calls it.  I’m going to have to consider what to do with it because, as written, it more or less will be a TPK spell if I have it used on the party.   I’m also not certain how it relates to spell casting, but assume that it doesn’t allow for it generally.  Maybe I shouldn’t allow people to attack into it with spears (which is what I did) but since it’s not solid it doesn’t make much sense to forbid that.  I also have an issue with players dropping spells onto figures in melee with other characters.  I’ve yet to figure out a good way to curtail that.  It’s hold over thinking from 3rd and 4th edition which, while it makes some sense, just as easily makes no sense whatsoever (it always bugged me in those games as well, for the record). 

I may have to go with something like the following: if cast on targets in melee, the other characters must make a save versus death or be caught in the spell.  Also, any creature targeted with a web spell gets a save.  If they make it, and can move out of the AoE, they do so (quite easily done when they are on the edge).  Also, Web won’t stop someone from casting spells (otherwise Quiet Magic becomes a MUST HAVE proficiency).  I don’t know, I’m still mulling it over.

Anyway, they destroyed them and got the key.  After a fruitless search they moved to the south and found a bedroom that produced nothing of use.  Then back to the east where they entered a room that stored church supplies (ah, lovely old school descriptions…).  In the roof were four holes, a foot across.  Using a light source they revealed that one of the holes had a taut leather flap about six feet up.  After some discussion, Guido decided to poke it with a spear (after everyone else left the room).  Pierced it turned out to be a bladder full of water that doused the hairy fighter.  Guido decided the next one was bound to have acid in it, so didn’t really want to keep going.  Meanwhile, the rest of the party debated whether they should.  During the debate, the impatient half-elf Alren grabbed the spear and searched the next hole.  Above, he saw what appeared to be the bottom of a nest.  Deciding it was the wise then to do, he used the torch tied to the end of the spear to ignite the nest. 

There was a hissing screech and then the burning nest and a large rooster-serpent came flapping out of the hole.  He deflected its flight with his shield and then proceeded to stab it.  Everyeone else ran forward and commenced with the stabbing until Long Tom swooped in and killed it.  The players (except Alren’s player who is new to D&D) all realized it was a cockatrice, but none of the characters recognized it.  Oh, they’d heard stories of things called cockatrice, but this must simply be a ‘Lizardchicken’ since none of them were dead.  You know, like an Owlbear?

The next hole had a bee’s nest in it which they left well enough alone, and the last had a bag full of gold coins. 

Searching the room revealed to Alren a secret door.  They entered and found the hidden sactuary of Simon Amber, a man dressed in ornate plate armor preying before a golden alter.  He wore an amber Arrow of Law (the sign of Dakannan).  He greeted the party sweetly and after a conversation they were put at ease that the Lawful priest was no threat to them.  He was even willing to tell them where the Gate of the Silver Keys was in exchange for some service.

While mulling over their service, Lairn used his amulet of esp to read the priests mind.  Lucian was bothered by the fact that all the golden walls, and holy symbol, were actually amber in color…when Dakanan specifically used (and reserved) gold and where gold was not available white was almost always used.    

Lairn realized the man was hatefully insane and was mulling over which trapped or monster infested room he could lead the party into to get them killed.  Lairn webbed the man (after a lucky surprise roll) and after some back and forth with his surprised party, they realized that this ‘priest’ was bat shit insane and was, in fact, planning on murdering them.  So they interrogated him about everything he knew and then cut his throat.  They walked out of there with a broom of flying, a staff of the snake, a ring of protection and a potion of plant control.  Not shabby for a single no saving throw spell.

Unfortunately then, some players had to leave and with it raining cats and dogs and there only being one car going, everyone who needed a ride took advantage of the situation so we called the game there.


3 thoughts on “Sundered Empires Session Report 30

  1. archivis says:

    Alas, tantalizing!

  2. Doug Pirko says:

    Yes, as said “online GM”: Web, as written in ACKS, is an incredibly potent spell. Attacking a webbed target is specifically allowed, no supports or anchors are required, and the ACKS memorization rules mean having it in your grimoire it remains an arrow in your quiver until spells are expended.

    • Yeah, I almost think its too good. Right now we are using the 2nd Ed version which compresses the time you can use to get away into rounds, not Turns. Hasn’t come up again yet, but we’ll see. I just don’t want to TPK the party when an evil wizard fights them with the spell!

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