Sundered Empires Session Report 31a

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A little piece from Alren’s point of view as he made his wish, and changed his destiny…

Alren glanced at Lairn, his only friend.  Even now, the true-blooded elf was reeling from his good fortune; strange power washed over the blood mage and all could see him growing more powerful.  Alren had never had such luck.  Even drawing the moon and the ability to speak two new Truths into the world was quickly blunted by a deadly spiritual attack and then judgment by some cosmological force that Alren felt was tied more intimately to the cards than any realized.

He just couldn’t catch a break.

He’d never been religious, had even avoided religion in general.  Now, he had given his soul to Chaos to avoid destruction for actions that had never been wrong in the past.

It wasn’t fair.  It had never been fair.  And he was sick of it.

Still, he felt somehow relieved.  There was a sense that his choice for Chaos was inevitable.  He’d cried out to the darkness for help and something had saved him without a second thought.  It loved him for who and what he was, not what he wasn’t.

He knew what he wanted for the final wish.  Alren took a deep breath and then spoke the Truth into the world.

“I want the power and respect I’ve always been denied.  I want a demon of my own.”

The world grew still and the plaque trembled in his hand.  The last jewel around the moon shimmered and faded.  A moment later, the plaque collapsed in on itself as a great wind rose up around Alren.  Karragos cawed, a noise that sounded strangely like fear, but Alren was not afraid.  He felt a small, child-like hand holding his, giving him strength.  Above him, the world rippled and pulled apart like taffy revealing a gaping hole into an infinite sky of stars.  Between the stars, a vast and terrible shadow fell.  Alren could just make out the suggestion of unfurled wings, claws dipped in secrets, and angry eyes as the shape fell into the world.  As it reached the portal it became smaller and smaller until the creature that appeared in Alren’s world was just over the size of a human.  It seemed bewildered and angry, but only for a moment.  It’s crimson eyes locked on Alren’s and he saw affection there, even love.  The shadow opened its arms and was drawn towards the warrior as though pulled by a great force.  He slammed into Alren, but was as insubstantial as smoke.  Shadows wisped and curled around him as he staggered back and then dropped to one knee.

Inside his mind, the world opened like a great book.  Secrets, too dark and potent for any mortal mind, crawled into his ears and his eyes.  Power reshaped his body.  Wings tore through his chain armor like paper, while crystal claws ripped through his finger tips.  His head split open into a giant maw of unnatural fangs, before snapping shut as though they were never there.  Raw Chaos changed him, and when it was finished, Alren was no longer the man he had been.

He rose from his fetal ball and stood on new legs.  A Scion of Vengeful Shadows stood where the unwanted boy had been moments before.

And for the first time in his life, he knew what it meant to belong.

Alren's New Form

Alren’s New Form


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