Houses of Magic Part 3 Astromancers

I got the very awesome Crimson Pandect from Sine Nomine has some really great new rules on variant magic users.  Wanting to get them into my campaign world, I’ve come up with more details on the previously monolithic Mage’s Guild. From this point, I’ll be talking about the specific houses.  I can’t list their unique spells from the Pandect, for obvious reasons, but I’m including the cross over spells from ACKS.

Read Part II

Astromancers-this House is dedicated to the magic of the stars, fate, divination, and fortune.  Said to be one of the three houses with the largest connect to the old tryshallan magics, indeed many of the practitioners of this house have tryshallan blood somewhere in their past.

Of all the lesser houses, the Astromancers are perhaps the most highly regarded and the ones approached by the mundane most often.  Many would pay dearly for a warning glimpse of their future, or a prophesy that portends good fate.  Nobles who can afford to do so often keep skilled Astromancers on their payroll, because  their magic has the greatest potential to benefit them on a day to day basis.  Some unscrupulous Astromancers use this to their advantage, ‘coloring’ their foretelling to manipulate their clients…or at least make them dependent on the Astromancer.  It is not an uncommon story of the noble house that makes no move without their seer’s say so.

Their innate powers allow them to read portents with absolute clarity, unlike other casters of divination magic.  Their sight cannot be blocked or obscured and at high levels, they cannot be blinded even if their eyes are removed (glowing orbs of stars replace them).  Eventually they become so aware of the future and so linked to fate, they cannot be surprised and they become resistant to death effects.

The lose Black Lore, Elementalism, and Transmogrification.  They gain Perceive Intentions (as Mystics), Prophesy, Sense Evil

In addition to the spells listed on their spell list, they gain the following spells from ACKS:

Level 1-Detect Danger

Level 2-Augury, Detect Charm, Detect Secret Doors, Shimmer, Summon Hero (this summons the phantom of a hero from the past or the future)

Level 3-Detect Curse, Sphere of Visibility

Level 4-Divination, Fate, Find Treasure

Level 6-Wall of Immovable Fate (as Wall of Force)


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