Houses of Magic Part 6 Elementalists

I got the very awesome Crimson Pandect from Sine Nomine has some really great new rules on variant magic users.  Wanting to get them into my campaign world, I’ve come up with more details on the previously monolithic Mage’s Guild. From this point, I’ll be talking about the specific houses.  I can’t list their unique spells from the Pandect, for obvious reasons, but I’m including the cross over spells from ACKS.  Today I’m talking about a magic that controls the four elements, creating some of the deadliest and most flashy magics around!

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Of all the lesser houses, the Elementalists seem the most traditional to outsiders.  After all, what is a wizard if not a Person of Mass Destruction?  Elementalists fit that description to a tee, wielding power of air, earth, fire and water beyond the scope of any other house of magic.

Of course, this comes at a cost.  Elementalists sacrifice their capabilities in nearly every other field a mage might branch into.  Though they have some movement related magic, and detection ability, they lack the ability to imbue or transform, the ability to manipulate or misdirect.

They argue that when you can drop a flaming mountain on your enemies, those fancy tricks become meaningless.

Their powers over the elements grant them protection from the mundane elemental discomforts, allowing them to exist comfortably in any environment.  Further, they can fling bolts of elemental energy at will, attacking as a fighter of their level with the to- hit and damage modified by Intelligence.  At high levels they are recognized by the elemental world and gain a reaction bonus and save bonus versus elemental attacks.

Elementalists cannot take Transmogrification or Black Lore.  They can take Precise Shooting and Fighting Styles for their Elemental Bolt Ability.

In addition to the spells listed on their spell list, they gain the following spells from ACKS:

Level 1-Burning Hands, Wall of Smoke

Level 2-Glitterdust, Gust of Wind, Obscuring Cloud, Produce Fire, Stinking Cloud

Level 3-Earth’s Teeth, Gaseous Form, Water Walking

Level 4-Create Water, Wall of Wood

Level 5-Call Dragon, Control Winds, Passwall, Summon Weather

Level 6-Lower Water, Wall of Iron


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