Houses of Magic Part 7 Alchemists

I got the very awesome Crimson Pandect from Sine Nomine has some really great new rules on variant magic users.  Wanting to get them into my campaign world, I’ve come up with more details on the previously monolithic Mage’s Guild. From this point, I’ll be talking about the specific houses.  I can’t list their unique spells from the Pandect, for obvious reasons, but I’m including the cross over spells from ACKS.  Today I’m talking about a magic that mixes seeks to change the nature of one’s soul and seek the ultimate path to power…immortality.

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Alchemists (or Immortals as they prefer to be known) are a House dedicated to unlocking the secrets of eternal life.  They believe that all existence, matter, and energy are fluid and can change state.  As such, they seek to change the state of living mortality into that of immortal, ageless flesh.  Along the way, they learn a great deal about the nature of the world and how it can be altered.

Alchemists do not fit the standard stereotype of magicians.  They are almost all physically fit and athletic. They believe the body must be mastered as well as the mind for true and permanent transformation to occur.

Their magic excels at internal alchemy, transformative spells, and enhancement magic.  They can purify, exorcise spirits, and even transform one’s perceptions with illusions, or see through such things.  As might be imagined, they quest to unlock immortality and so often discover ways of prolonging the health and longevity of their practitioner.  On the down side, the lose access to elemental powers and have few spells that inflict direct damage or mental control.

Alchemists are tougher than most mages, gainging +2 HP per level, even after they stop gaining hit dice (instead of the +1 normal mages receive).  Every level they gain increases their life span by 10 years and they never suffer the penalties from aging.  Further, their mastery over potions and alchemy allow them to create potions at half the cost and time.  At higher levels they even become immune to poisons and diseases.  Like Necrolators, they are one of the few houses with access to healing magic and the ability to Restore Life and Limb.

In addition to the spells listed on their spell list, they gain the following spells from ACKS:

Level 1-Chameleon, Jump, Magic Mouth, Silent Step, Ventriloquism

Level 2-Alter Self, Alchemical Potence (as Necromantic Potence, but not necromancy based), Detect Invisible, Inaudibillity, Mirror Image, Ogre Power, Shimmer

Level 3-Chimerical Force, Cure Major Wounds, Growth, Infravision, Nondetection, Skinchange, Water Breathing

Level 4-Giant Strength, Massmorph, Spectral Force

Level 5-Adaptation (though the target literally adapts to their environment), Curse of Swine,

Level 6-Permanent Illusion, Programmed Illusion, Trollblood



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