Why’s it so quiet in here?

You may have noticed that my writing has been less prolific over the last several months.  It’s not laziness, I swear!

No, I have actually been working on something awesome, but wasn’t too comfortable mentioning it.  At least, not then.  But now…

I have finished writing the first module for Autarch’s Adventurer Conqueror King roleplaying system!

Thanks to this blog, I made contact with Alex and eventually I was able to seize the opportunity.

The module is call The Sinister Stone of Sakkara.  Without revealing too much, it is a beginner module showcasing the ACKS system, set firmly in their Auran Empire setting.  It’s an homage to the classic Old School modules while, hopefully, incorporating new modern sensibilities and techniques.

It’s going to be awesome when you guys see it for yourselves. 😀

And I’ll be a professional writer…even more awesome.



One thought on “Why’s it so quiet in here?

  1. Adam Skipper says:

    Congrats! Bro that is wonderful news, very proud of you.

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