[House Rules]Divine Elves Part 1

A recent thread on RPG.Net had an awesome premise.  What if you removed Clerics from OD&D and gave their magic to elves?

I thought the idea had merit.  The more I rolled it around in my head, the more I liked it.  Even if you left Clerics in, the spell creation and class creation rules in ACKS gave a perfect opportunity to build a ‘better elf’… or at least a different one.

So I did…

The Divine Elves:

The following elves are based on the idea of elves as beings closer to the gods in a world where their magic is different from human magic.  This works best in settings where the Cleric class (and it’s derivatives) are removed completely.

There are levels of how much alteration you may want to do.  The most basic is to swap Arcane for Divine and rebuild the classes accordingly.  This is also the least work.  The end result is something that feels very Tolkien in nature.  Elves as ‘First Born’ of the Gods, giving them special powers no one else has (Divine Magic, Turn Undead).

Something a bit like these guys...

Something a bit like these guys…

The simplest thing is to change the default elf to work like this.  Replace Arcane with Divine but leave the other powers in place.  You end up with something like this.

Value Elf XP Cost
4 Elf + Divine (Spells x 150%) 2125
3 Elf + Divine (Spells x 133%) 1125
2 Elf + Divine 625
1 Elf + ½level Divine 375
0 Elf 125

Elves beyond level 8 increase their xp cost by 40,000 xp.

So a spellblade would now be built as Fighter 2, HD 1, Elf 2 and could use any fighter or cleric magic items.  Prime Requisite becomes Strength and Wisdom.  Next up, a full class build…

4 thoughts on “[House Rules]Divine Elves Part 1

  1. Sounds cool. Never thought of that, but that’s a good idea and not just for that particular system.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I really liked the ideas presented in the original forum thread. If I were running a different campaign, I might very well go with thatset up to see ho w it works (no human clerics/paladins only elves).

  2. John says:

    I approve of this wholeheartedly. Been looking for a way to shift elves away from wizards back towards fey, and this (with a druid-leaning elf divine spell list) would do the trick nicely.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I really loved the idea when I read it. I hope you have had a chance to check out my modified Spellblade class and soon to be posted Nightblade (elven divine assassins). More and more I want to retcon elves in my setting to work like this…

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