All Quiet on the Sundered Front

Well, I’ve been even more quiet than usual the last few days.  That is because my wife and I are in the process of moving to a new house!  We are actually moving in today and tomorrow, but I imagine the unpacking will go on for weeks and I will be losing internet tomorrow until Tuesday.  

So, it might be awhile before I can post a new update.  The campaign is still going strong.  I have many more session reports written and ‘in the can’ as it were.  I also have a few more Divine Elf classes to post before I ratchet things up and post a ‘Full Tolkien’ style elf race/class based on the Divine template. All this divine elf stuff has started me thinking about a new setting with new takes on B/X races and classes, as well as twisting the tropes (no human casters, divine elves, dwarven arcanists, oh my!) to something different.  

So, I hope you’ll stay tuned after this short break. 


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