Map of the (Real) World

I saw this circulating around the internets.  It is an atlas with the etymological roots of names of real world places.  I love how evocative the names are.  You could easily scale this up and run a campaign or set a novel in our real world with these names and no one would ever know!




‘Steps of the Black One’.  ‘Island of Happiness’.  ‘Island of the Monkey God’.  ‘The Hidden Goddess’.

Tell me that doesn’t fit into any fantasy setting?

Review: The Complete B/X Adventurer

I’ve been very curious about Running Beagle Game’s Companion Rules for some time, but never got the chance to pick up a copy before the physical books were sold out by the time I really made up my mind.  However, recently, RBG put out a new book, The Complete B/X Adventurer which I decided to pick up because, as you may have noticed, I love classes and options in my game and an entire book devoted to them sounded right up my alley.

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Why’s it so quiet in here?

You may have noticed that my writing has been less prolific over the last several months.  It’s not laziness, I swear!

No, I have actually been working on something awesome, but wasn’t too comfortable mentioning it.  At least, not then.  But now…

I have finished writing the first module for Autarch’s Adventurer Conqueror King roleplaying system!

Thanks to this blog, I made contact with Alex and eventually I was able to seize the opportunity.

The module is call The Sinister Stone of Sakkara.  Without revealing too much, it is a beginner module showcasing the ACKS system, set firmly in their Auran Empire setting.  It’s an homage to the classic Old School modules while, hopefully, incorporating new modern sensibilities and techniques.

It’s going to be awesome when you guys see it for yourselves. 😀

And I’ll be a professional writer…even more awesome.


Unremarked Anniversaries

It’s been a year since I slipped off the mask and ‘came out’ as a gamer. 

I was too busy with other things to comment upon it at the time and only thought about it after the fact.

I started this blog in 2009.  I tried to keep up with it and make it current, but it never enthused me.  When I was more honest about my passions, it sort of exploded.  From 2009-2012, I only had a little over 3K hits.  In the last year, I’ve had over 22,000 more.  All from being honest and writing about something I enjoy and am passionate about.

Thanks for coming. Thanks for reading my stuff.  I hope it continues to delight and entertain for many more years to come.

The Crimson Pandect Review

As I mentioned previously, I received several OSR products for Christmas.  One of special note is The Crimson Pandect, by Sine Nomine Publishing, the awesome writers of Red Tide, An Echo Resounding, Stars Without Numbers, et al.

This Labyrinth Lord product is subtitled ‘A Handbook of Eldritch Lore’ and boy does it deliver on that premise!

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like an OSR Christmas…!

Ok, my output has dropped off of late because, well, the holidays.  Too much to do out in the real world, writing and (horrible, horrible) day job wise, not to mention buying people presents!

So, while I don’t have a new session report, I do have several ‘in the can’ so to speak and they should be ready for the coming weeks…though probably starting in January.  I also have some more classes I’ll be showing soon, and some funky mechanics I’ve been playing with in my head (thank you Skyrim for Dragonsouls).  And a little bird told me that Santa will be bringing me a bevy of OSR related Xmas presents…so maybe I’ll do some reviews.

Also hope to have some interesting developments to announce coming soon next year.

I’m sure I’ll be back before the year ends, just didn’t want anyone to think I’d fallen off a cliff.

Oh, and go see The Hobbit.  It rocks!

Three Year Anniversary!

WordPress just told me I registered three years ago.  I didn’t realize that.  It doesn’t seem possible.

Granted, for the vast time I had the blog, I barely used it, so maybe that is a thing.

I’m glad now that I write the kind of stuff I do.  I’m glad I’ve come clean.  It’s given me so much to write about, and so much joy.  If my posts were a novel word count, I’d have finished one by now.

Hmmm…sobering thought.

Anyway, holidays are around the bend.  I’ve got some interesting ideas for the future.  Next year I should have some great news involving gaming and writing, but I’ll hold off on that for now.

Thanks for everyone who reads my stuff and comments.  I truly appreciate it!

Self-Published Authors Getting a Knife in the Back?

Interesting article about some potentially dodgy dealings from Amazon and the big six to negate the success of Self-Published Authors.

Not certain how true all of this is, but if it is correct, that doesn’t bode well for self-publishing.  Though really, I think it will just mean that self-publishing will move away from Amazon to another venue.


For those who haven’t heard of it, NaNoWriMo is ‘National November Writing Month’.  It challenges you to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

I have considered doing it on several occasions and I sort of have done it once.  The problem always seems to be that I’m in the middle of a manuscript when it rolls around, or I’m working on a short story for Christmas or something.  This year I find myself busy doing some pretty heavy rewrites of my novel thanks to WordFalls excellent feedback.

The ‘sort of’ time I mentioned sadly doesn’t count, but I like to think it does.  I was writing my first draft of my novel and I was half-way through it when November rolled around.  At that point, I did go on to write 50K in November to finish my novel on the 28th, so that’s why I only ‘sort of’ count it.

I don’t know if I am going to do it this year.  I haven’t made up my mind (nor do I know what I’d write if I did).  What about you?  Are you going to do it?  If so, what are you going to write about?