Failing your Surprise Baby Check

So… my wife and I went to a routine 36 week midwife appointment on Wednesday around two thirty.  

By 7:15, she’d had an emergency c-section and our daughter Morrigan was born a month early.  In between we rode in an ambulance and my wife was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia (pretty severe case in fact).  

Luckily, they are both well (though my wife’s BP is still high and they are keeping her in the hospital).  

It certainly wasn’t how we planned to spend the day and has caught us very unprepared for…well just about everything!  

Damn those pesky 1’s! 

So it seems, for awhile, I’ll be trading dungeons, orcs, and talking swords for nappies, baby-grows and travel systems.

I’ll be back, but don’t be surprised if I run dark for awhile.  I’ve got to make sure our future gamer is well looked after until I can get some dice in her hands!