Novel Rewrites

As some of you know, I finished writing a novel in 2010.  It’s an Urban Fantasy novel only without the Vampires and the Werewolves and instead focusing on different mythology.  I had a blast writing it and I somehow managed to write the entire 100+K novel in two months.

However, since I finished it, I’ve not been able to find an agent or publisher, which is disheartening but far from unusual.  For a long time I’ve been considering doing some major rewrites and edits, but man I hate that part of writing.  I can’t summon up the interest in tearing apart what I spent so long creating.

Recently though I have begun work with Jenn of Fallsintowriting under her editorial capacity from WordFalls.  It has been very eye-opening.  She’s really helped me hone my narrative and make things ‘pop’.  Every time I come away from a Skype session or she returns some meaningfully marked up chapters, I am energized.  She has given me back my enthusiasm, and I even feel excited about the rewriting process…something I never thought I would feel in a million years.

If you have a novel or short story you want some professional work on, I highly recommend her services.