Artistry and Sickness Recovery

So work continues on the free-lance project at speed.  I am nearing completion thanks to an unexpected burst of enthusiasm for the whole thing.

Part of that may be because I’ve had some wonderful artists sign up to get on board.  One of them is a new friend I’ve made in the New World who’s style I simply LOVE.

Our back and forth discussions have given me another idea for a project we could work on.  Basically, I want to start a webcomic with him. I’ll write, he can draw.  I think it would a fantastic pairing.  Sadly, he is quite busy with Uni these days, so for now, these ideas are simply ‘on the drawing board’ so to speak, but soon I hope to have something more concrete to share.

Thinking about the prospect has been quite freeing, because I’m pretty sure I’ll bleed off the ‘shiny’ idea I had in December as the story for the webcomic (he already loves the idea).  That way I can work on my novel and freelance work while still doing something with that other idea.

I’m very excited.


I wrote the above shortly before getting sick.  Nothing serious, just one of those annoying head/chest colds.  I’m just starting to feel better though still have a horrible rattling cough.

My friend has sent me some character sketches for the webcomic and they are fantastic.  It’s really a strange feeling seeing my words becoming visual images.  He’s not even read the 6K words I’ve written on the subject, just going off our conversations and yet he’s still getting close to the bone.  I can’t wait to see what he does once he has read the source material!

Now that I am beginning to feel better, I’m going back to writing.  Being sick killed all my enthusiasm and creativity, which was just horrible.  So today I’m back on the wagon, as it were!

Hopefully I’ll be able to update this blog more often now as well.


Creativity as Procrastination

At times, I am a bit OCD.  When I encounter something new, that is to say something that is shiny, it can hold my fascination for a very long time.  I might obsess, I might absorb, I might hunt around the new object of my ardour on the intarwebz to learn more about it.

Thankfully these periods tend to be fairly short-lived.  I eventually lose interest in whatever the object du jour is, and return to the mundane world.  Possibly elements of my fascination will linger, and maybe a new obsession will become a new hobby or habit (such as my lunch time running seems to have become… I was even out running between the snows this afternoon!).  Other times it will get cast aside and forgotten, possibly for months, years, or even forever.

Sometimes this absorption is quite consuming, and I’ll spend a lot of free time thinking about it, whatever it, might be.  I remember a brief flirtation with Sudoku that had me hunting for puzzles whenever I came across a newspaper, even ones that did not belong to me.

How much worse, then, when that new, shiny, thing is not outside in the physical world but is inside my head?

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