[House Rules]New Spells

I wrote these spells and the accompanying spells and items as a extrapolation from Ogre’s Strength.  Their effects, if built into other spells via the spell builder would cost the same as ‘The Strength of an Ogre’ as their base.

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[House Rules-Spell]Chosen Bond


The clearing exploded with activity as leather-clad men leapt from hiding.  The horses screamed and reared as steel clashed amidst falling leaves.

“Drive them back!” Ransor shouted, his bright steel cutting a swath through the brigands.  Three men surrounded him, stabbing with spears and short blades, but they could not touch him beyond his shield and mail.

Men screamed and died.

“Give me a moment and I will end this,” Averessa shouted.  Her hands moved with alien fluidness and an unfelt wind twirled her auburn hair. As the air bent and folded around her, a bandit saw the threat she represented and threw his spear.

It flew straight into her chest, impaling her.  Tendrils of magic wafted like smoke around her and the spear fell limply from her chest.  Her spell finished, the remaining bandits fell, their faces turning blue and distorting in pain.

“Is everyone all right?” Vanan asked, scanning the group.  Everyone called out that they were fine.  Everyone but Ransor.

He lay where he fell, surrounded by dead bandits, blood seeping from his mouth.  His armor was untouched, and his body had no wound upon it.

Chosen Bond

Arcane:             1
Range:              Touch (Special)
Duration:           24 Hours

This spell links the caster and a single target.  For the duration of the spell, if the either the caster or the target of the spell takes damage, and the other is within 10’, they can absorb to 2 hit points per caster level per attack of the damage.  If one absorbs all the damage from an attack, it is almost like the blow did not occur (so a caster would not lose a spell for example).  Note however, that attacks with carrier effects, such as poison or disease still effect the original target.  So if a snake bit one of the two characters after declaring they started casting a spell and inflicted 3 damage and forced a save versus poison, the other character could choose to absorb up to 2 points of damage per level.  If they absorbed all three, the other character would be treated as though they hadn’t been hit and could, if they survive the poison saving throw, continue on with their spell as though they’d not been hit.

Further, while this spell is active, both characters gain a +1 to avoid surprise.

This is almost always the first spell a warden is taught.