[House Rules-Classes]Soul Knight (Redux)

After some consideration, I’ve decided to modify my Soul Knight Class.  Rather than manifest a (very) damaging spell, I think I’d rather take a page from later editions and let them create a weapon that steadily get’s stronger as they level up.  I don’t think it will break anything (not when compared to multiple attacks from Claws and Bite), so I’m ok with it.

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[House Rules-Classes]Soul Knight

The following is a class built around the concept of a spell that creates a mystical blade of power for the character to wield in combat.  It was…unintentional that they sort of ended up a bit more ‘Jedi’ then I originally intended, but…I still think they are pretty cool.  They are very ‘paladin’ in feel, though without the heavy armor (though from level 2 they are still tanks!).

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House Rules-Sundered Empires Part 2

I knew when I started the House Rules post that the house rule would be something like a living document with periodic updates.  Well here are a few I forgot/just came up with!

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[House Rules-Classes]Nightmasks

The following is a ‘specialty priest’ of one of the gods of my campaign.  Much like the Bladedancer, they are a specific view on how a cleric could operate.  At their core, they are assassin priests.  They could be modified to fit other faiths.  There is also a smattering of spells they use to assist their darker activities.  Most of these are modified versions of arcane spells, usually ‘self’ only and with altered durations.     Anyway, enjoy!

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[House Rules-Classes]Warden (Redux!)

The following is a second attempt at the same concept.  I went with a different rules choice for building them however.  They become ‘power based spell users’ and totally violate the suggestions for class building in the ACKS players guide.  Still, I think they are interesting and would like to see them get played.  Cronyen will undoubtedly get morphed into this version.

Warden’s are failed magicians.  Though they have some mystical potential, they lack the ability to become full mages.  But such abilities are not discarded.  Warden’s are taught martial skills, those that have the potential, and are trained to act as the swords and shields of the mages.  In exchange, their minor gift is nurtured.  They are trained until they are an elite fighting unit.

The process to become a Warden is trying, both physically and mentally.  Wardens are marked with potent alchemy and transformation spells, and learn a style of magic that uses more internal resources than external ones.  They are often marked with enchanted runes that empower their specialized magic.

Never the equals of mages they protect, never quite trusted by mortals, they cling to their role and their honor.  In a world that is either hostile or dismissive of them, honor is all they have.

A warden protecting his ward mage.
-image by Simmguy on Deviant Art

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The Mage’s Guild

Though the Empire of Valas owed a great deal of its might to the many, many magicians within it, after the Sundering, public opinion was swift to turn on the very people who built the Empire.  In those dark days immediately following the holocaust, only the Priests had any real power and they quickly supplanted the mages in public opinion.  Within a very short time, this became a very real usurpation, with magicians barely avoiding being lynched by a society that had come to hate and fear them for that greatest of crimes: failure.

Why? Why won’t you work?

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